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Tehama’s turn-key solution lets Pythian delight its customers by providing rapid onboarding, enterprise security, and forensic auditing capabilities.

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Pythian, a global IT services provider connected to customer systems through their own Virtual Private Network (VPN), but with 400 consultants spanning 35 countries, they needed a system that would provide the performance and security that could meet each customer’s unique requirements. Their system only had three gateway locations for network connectivity, meaning consultants would have to connect to the designated gateway, and connect to their client’s location from there. This repetitive process led to increased latency. Additionally, Pythian’s management team was unable to review past interactions between clients and consultants, making it nearly impossible to track improvements and the efficiency of these interactions.

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When evaluating potential Desktop as a Service solutions, the Pythian team had two requirements: improved responsiveness and recording capabilities. They ultimately decided on Tehama’s virtual desktops as it allows their consultants to establish connections closer to their clients’ sites. Tehama’s holistic and easy-to-integrate platform offers a click through interface that allows organizations to easily deploy Amazon Workspaces, a managed cloud desktop service on Amazon Web Services (AWS), extending their on-premises security to their remote access gateways. Within minutes, organizations can deploy a new virtual workspace with secure network communication channels between the corporate network and client machines.

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1. Improved user experience and responsiveness

Deploying Tehama has had the biggest impact on the client/consultant interactions at Pythian. Tehama greatly improved Pythian’s connection and response times by bringing more gateways closer. The accessibility of gateways means consultants can help clients faster, allowing for more time to help expand their client base.

2. Provided enterprise-level security and forensic auditing capabilities

Tehama allowed Pythian to expand on their “clean room” model, which enables them to login to customer environments, with a single room dedicated to each customer. Each Tehama Virtual Workroom provided the consultants secure remote access through always-on automated encryption, secure perimeters, least privilege permissions and zero-trust network isolation. It is also complemented by a full audit trail as required by the management team.

3. Eliminated complex and protracted hardware and software management

Based on Amazon’s Workspaces, the Tehama virtual workspaces offer a greater level of agility for the Pythian consultants who no longer have to juggle several client-specific endpoint laptops, each specifically configured and approved for single-client use. The virtual workspace now can be an approved compute environment for clients, alleviating the need for deployment and patch maintenance of client-specific endpoints.
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