New Tehama Linux Desktops: Combining Tehama’s secure virtual desktops with the raw power of Linux

Build a secure, sustainable remote workforce that scales – in minutes, not months. 

Whether you’re going fully remote or implementing a hybrid solution, Tehama’s highly secure Virtual Office as a Service platform will help you transform and sustain your business for long-term success without compromising productivity.

Tehama is the fastest, easiest, most secure way to deploy a virtual workforce. With Tehama, enterprises can instantly create cloud-based virtual offices, virtual rooms, and virtual desktops anywhere in the world. No other solution on the market today connects remote workers with mission-critical and data-sensitive systems, with the speed, agility, unparalleled security, and comprehensive audit trail via built-in SOC 2 controls, real-time activity feeds and session recordings that Tehama offers.


  • Quickly onboard/offboard, manage, scale, secure, and audit virtual workers.
  • Centrally manage access to corporate assets.
  • Eliminate laptop-shipping to cut time and costs.


Avoid IT infrastructure and manual processes completely with on-demand SaaS.

  • Reduce OpEx with cloud-based VDI and DaaS.
  • Reduce CapEx for hardware and software.
  • BYOD and connect anywhere, anytime.
  • Quickly integrate with existing IT and network resources.

Most Secure

Create SOC 2 Type II-certified secure virtual rooms that can be deployed to anyone anywhere with a click:

  • Strong policy-based identity control—no sharing of privileged credentials.
  • Impenetrable, airlocked work environment—all work done within cloud perimeter.
  • Zero-trust network model—lock down access by role.
  • Principle of Least Privilege—no access to data except pixels, audio, keyboard, mouse.
"A lot of people are just not aware of how easy it is to set up these (Tehama) virtual desktops. They also don’t realize the cost savings of pay-as-you-go pricing compared to traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), when they needed to buy 20 racks of server gear to run their own VDI solution."
We started working with Tehama because it plugged a capability gap. We keep working with Tehama because of its support and willingness to incorporate product improvements to fit our unusual use cases and not to mention the ease and speed of deployments.
With this evidence-based compliance posture you must have today, the Tehama a fantastic solution to show the evidence. We’re a huge fan of it. We believe this is the future.

Tehama is a strong example of the way that companies are diagnosing a need and developing to fill this chasm with next generation solutions capable of supporting the rigorous demands of the digital age.

150+ enterprises have adopted Tehama to securely onboard their global teams

AWS End User Computing Badge

AWS + Tehama

Tehama is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Technology Partner, and we can help you make the most of your AWS WorkSpace adoption strategy. The Tehama Platform creates software-controlled, secured workspaces on AWS, empowering AWS users to secure third-party access for IT service delivery and collaborate globally with remote teams and contract workers.

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