IT leaders have a big challenge: to drive transformative business outcomes in a rapidly changing world, they've got to move fast but remain secure.

A platform that enables agility and decreases risk

By orchestrating connectivity between businesses and simplifying everyday challenges like vendor management, Tehama lets you build an awesome (remote) workforce — with all of the speed and less of the risk. Easily onboard and connect remote, internal and third party teams around the world and empower them to deliver the work that drives transformation forward.

Easy to implement, effortless to scale.

No infrastructure

No more shipping laptops, no extra office space, the list goes on— simply download our cloud agent and establish connectivity in minutes.

Automated workspaces

Fully automate deployment and management of end user computing for remote work and business-to-business operations.

Scalable collaboration

Provide a frictionless workspace where teams can communicate in real-time and easily add teammates to deliver expertise on demand.

Efficient workflows that save time and lower costs.

Streamlined and integrated one-stop shop

Isolated technologies and point solutions cause friction, stress and more problems. Consolidate onboarding, provisioning, access management and more.

Remote workforce management

Deploy a new standardized virtual desktop from templates in minutes. Scale operations up—or down to instantly reclaim old resources.

Security, compliance and governance

Protect against internal threats and easily roll out large-scale policy and legal changes across your organization and teams.

IT business that is safer than ever.

Wickedly smart architecture

Launch isolated rooms in a micro-segmented environment, complete with multi-factor authentication, secrets and confidential computing.

User-centric auditing

Gain far greater visibility and control inside your applications with a platform-native security control point.

Reduced threat surface

Human error accounts for upwards of 60% of security breaches. Rest easy knowing that we’ve got you covered with 24/7 auditing and more.


Our big challenge has been to support 800 to 1000 contractors and vendors with laptops, red badges, email, application costs, etc. Tehama lets us do this elegantly, while spinning up new business units globally.

VP of Services Operations

Multi-national software and technology company

Unleash the power of your IT workforce.

Enable your providers and teams to deliver value in minutes not months.

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