Tehama has SaaS pricing that consists of Room(s) + Desktop(s) + Support.

Step 1: Choose a Room

Select a Room, or a combination of Rooms to suit your business needs.

Tehama Standard Room

$ 349 Monthly
  • Encrypted and virtual network perimeter encapsulating users, virtual desktops,
    and all user activities
  • Activity Stream
    Logging of all user activity: Room configuration changes, desktop access, secrets use, file vault access, team activity and policy acceptance and change.
  • SIEM Logging
    Connect the Tehama Activity Stream data securely to your SIEM System.
  • SOC 2 Type II Compliance
    Inherit, and build upon, over 100 SOC 2 Type II controls implemented by Tehama.
  • Secrets Vault (Generic)
    Secured provisioning of administrative credentials.
  • Windows Virtual Machine
    A variety of options.
  • Tehama Live View
    View up to 4 desktop sessions in real-time.
  • Single Sign-On
    Use Single Sign-On (SSO) to meet your organization's preferred authentication method.
  • Room Access Policies
    Set corporate/remote access/third-party vendor access policies. Set metadata criteria to control access based on nationality and/or location.
*pricing subject to change

Tehama Enterprise Room

$ 549 Monthly
  • All features available in the Tehama Standard Room, PLUS
  • Tehama Firewall
    Have full IP and port level configurability for external network access.
  • Enterprise Authentication Control
    Integrate IAM provisioning and control with SAML/SCIM tools in already in use.
  • Tehama FileVault
    Secure upload and/or download of files to/from endpoint device to Tehama Desktop (1TB).
  • Secrets Vault (Enterprise)
    Secured provisioning of administrative credentials for bastion hosts and remote databases; automatic rotations.
  • Custom Virtual Machine Images
    Create and re-use customized, hardened VM images to meet corporate compliance requirements.
  • User Session Recordings
    Expands Tehama Live View to an unrestricted number of users and allows you to view user session recordings from the past for audit/compliance/teaching purposes.
*pricing subject to change

Step 2: Choose desktops

Add fully automated, fully compliant, fully secured Tehama Virtual Desktops to your Tehama Rooms.

Always-On Desktops Monthly Unit Price vCPU Memory (GB) Local Storage (GB)
Windows Standard $ 92 2 4 50
Windows Pro $ 130 2 7.5 100
Windows HPC $ 180 4 16 100
On-Demand Desktops
Hourly Unit Price Monthly Base Unit Price vCPU Memory (GB) Local Storage (GB)
Windows Standard $ 2 $ 30 2 4 50
Windows Pro $ 4 $ 40 2 7.5 100
Windows HPC $ 8 $ 60 4 16 100
Windows GPU $ 8 $ 80 8 15 100

Step 3: Choose a support plan

Select an appropriate support plan for your overall package. 

Standard Professional Enterprise
Included 10%
of your total consumption/month
of your total consumption/month

Read more about support pricing here.

Or, use one of our starter recommendations. 

Starter Pack

$ 749 Monthly
  • 1 Standard Room
  • 5 Windows Pro
  • Always-On Desktops

+ add-on option 1:
5 User Bundle

$ 399 Monthly
  • 5 Windows Pro
  • Always-On Desktops

or + add-on option 2:
10 User Bundle

$ 699 Monthly
  • 10 Windows Pro
  • Always-On Desktops