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Tehama is the fastest, easiest, most secure way to deploy a virtual workforce. With our next-generation DaaS platform, enterprises can create cloud-based virtual offices, workrooms, and desktops anywhere in the world.

Tehama's Origin Story

Tehama was born inside Pythian, a managed services business focused on high-value revenue generating systems in media, technology and e-commerce. Originally known as Adminiscope, Tehama was the technology that permitted Pythian’s workforce, mostly working from home in 36 countries, to provide privileged services to compliance-sensitive customer data and systems using their own devices.

In an era of frequent headlines and rising concerns about data breaches, we identified a need to provide better cybersecurity and compliance measures to customers.

Pythian developed groundbreaking tools that enabled teams to work and interact seamlessly with sensitive systems while working from home, eliminating the need to ship laptops all over the world. These tools evolved to become Tehama.

As demand for the platform surged in its first year of availability, Tehama spun out from Pythian as a totally separate, standalone company in 2019.

Our remote work vision for Tehama has been dramatically accelerated as a result of the global pandemic. Enterprises are rethinking their way of working and urgently need to adopt tools that enable the secure exchange of work over the internet.

Tehama's Origin Story
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