Our Mission

Tehama was created by industry experts who know first hand that enterprises, service providers, and individuals could all work more productively when they have the opportunity to choose any device, and to work from anywhere in the world — but key security and process challenges stood in the way of making the future of work a reality.

We eliminate roadblocks for our customers by making it efficient and secure to access a global workforce, automating the management of vendors, and ensuring all access—and work done— is secure, monitored and audited. We give IT providers secure and efficient onboarding of talent, help ease the burden of regulatory compliance, and get developers back to true productivity.

Our Story

When Pythian, a global IT Services provider, needed to improve on their agility and security when connecting to global customers in an expanding global market, Tehama was created to deliver “better IT outcomes, faster, and more securely”.

Eager for the same benefits of agility and security, Pythian’s customers and partners began requesting access to Tehama, to securely onboard other service providers and apply continuous auditing and compliance across their services supply chain.

Tehama operates as a business unit of Pythian and has the goal of bringing these values to the industry and to revolutionize how services are delivered across the entire IT services ecosystem.

Leadership Team

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Gene Villeneuve

Senior Vice President
Tehama Business Unit

Craig Irwin

Vice President of Strategic
Accounts and Global Alliances

Vice President of
Global Sales

Director of Marketing


Director of Product

Jaymes Davis

Senior Technical Sales and
Customer Success Architect

Manisha Mistry

Director of Compliance & Programs

Julia Duffy

Director of Talent Strategy

Dennis Walker

Director of Product

Alex Morrise

Chief Data Scientist and 
Machine Learning Architect

Jerome Mathieu, Lead Architect

Lead Architect

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