A Secure and Compliant Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Solution for Hi-Tech Manufacturers

Tehama protects valuable intellectual property (IP) while meeting compliance standards.

Technology and electronics makers need to provide fast, agile access to third-party service providers, contractors, and remote staff while staying compliant and protecting valuable intellectual property (IP).

But the process of reviewing and approving security audits while onboarding globally distributed individuals normally takes months – often significantly impacting project timelines and costs.

Most enterprises already have VPN technology and privileged access management tools, but lack a holistic solution that provides secure access, simple setup, high performance computing (HPC) workloads, complete control over information shared and received, and audit trails of what information has been accessed and by whom.

Tehama’s virtual desktops and virtual Workrooms let you onboard third parties in less than an hour, and their centralized management and built-in zero-trust networking capabilities keep all your IP isolated, compliant, and secure. Because all third parties’ endpoint devices are a streamed pixel representation of a workstation residing on a centralized virtual machine, all information remains under your control with zero risk of lost IP via accident, omission, or theft.

Business Outcomes

What technology and electronics makers can do with Tehama.
Spin Up Secure, Compliant Work Environments Practically Instantly
Tehama furnishes service providers, contractors, and remote workers with dedicated, secure work environments configured to provide access to only the systems and resources needed – a process that usually takes months with other solutions – in less than an hour. Easily scale up and down to correspond to real-time business needs with built-in FIPS, GDPR and SOC 2 Type II compliance controls and perfectly witnessed logs of virtual Workroom activity for auditing purposes.
Enact Zero-trust IP Protection Without Big Network Investments
Implement zero-trust networking without overhauling network infrastructure thanks to Tehama’s built-in firewalls, automated AES 256 encryption, network isolation, secure perimeters, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and least privilege permissions. Data is never stored on an endpoint device, and its proprietary encrypted File Vault lets you securely share information like CPU schematics or detailed design documents for collaborations.
Reduce Costs and Management Complexity
There’s no need to stack multiple solutions for remote access, identity access management, compliance, and data security because Tehama’s unified platform does it all (including automatic infrastructure and security updates). Tehama’s Workroom Directory Service saves administrators countless hours through centralized, one-click deployment, management and dynamic updates of virtual Workrooms and desktops.
Access and Arm Your Global Talent with the Right Tools
High availability across multiple regions – even those with unreliable internet connections – eliminates service availability and redundancy issues, allowing for complex HPC workloads for distributed software development, internet of things (IoT) development, chip design and other complex tasks from virtually anywhere in the world.
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“The Intellectual Property Commission estimates that IP theft (such as trade secret theft) costs the US economy between $225 and $600 billion annually.”

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