Desktop as a Service for Healthcare

A simple, secure and HIPAA compliant enterprise virtual desktop solution.

The healthcare industry requires the most robust security to protect patient data, putting pressure on healthcare IT professionals to maintain complex infrastructure and end-user computing environments that are expensive and outdated.

Tehama’s next-generation Desktop as a Service (DaaS) platform was designed to put security first, making it an ideal solution for quickly enabling a mobile workforce, while keeping confidential patient information protected.

Tehama creates virtual Workrooms and desktops on the cloud, connecting medical and administrative staff to the data and applications they need on any device, anywhere. Our HIPAA compliant solution keeps all patient data and medical records secure within a Tehama Workroom, with a complete audit trail and session recordings.

With Tehama’s simple to use and on-demand desktop provisioning, you can easily scale your virtual desktop needs up and down to meet business demands.

Business Outcomes

Tehama’s DaaS platform enables secure and compliant remote work in healthcare organizations.
Built-in HIPAA Compliance
Our secure solution is built to comply with strict HIPAA regulations, protecting intellectual property and patient data from breaches and abuse. Data is never stored on an employee device, so if a device is stolen, there is zero risk that personally identifiable information or patient data can be accessed.
Reduce Costs and Complexity
Eliminate the need for layering on multiple solutions for securing data and enabling remote access with Tehama’s single platform. Tehama also manages the infrastructure and security updates, saving your team the time and money it takes to maintain physical desktops and on-premises infrastructure.
Keep Records in the Right Hands
The platform adheres to a zero-trust access model, applying MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) and network access policies. There is a deep workflow and approval process for granting access to Tehama Workrooms to ensure only trusted and approved members have access to the Workroom.
24/7 Auditing
Every action performed within a Tehama Workroom is logged and visible. A Workroom Owner can view work being delivered in real-time, or view session recordings to determine what medical data and records have been accessed and for what purpose.
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“The consequences of a breach in the healthcare industry can be severe. 45 percent of all healthcare information breaches occur on stolen laptops.”
Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report

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