Trust Tehama for your Business Continuity Needs, at a Fraction of the Cost.

Tehama safeguards your operations, data, and assets, so you can expertly respond to the challenges and risks of managing a highly distributed business.

    the shift to hybrid and remote work means a holistic,
    prevention-focused approach to optimizing cyber resilience is Essential


    of enterprises don’t have a business continuity plan.
    Crisis Control


    The cost of downtime for more than 90% of mid-sized and large enterprises.


    of IT users were forced to recover lost data from a backup at least once within the previous year. 33% said they had to restore a backup multiple times.

    Businesses need Customized BC/DR Solutions
    Aligned with Industry Best Practices and Regulations

    Hybrid Work
    Backup & Recovery

    Tehama's BC/DR solution enables enterprises to maintain operational continuity for their hybrid work. With just a few mouse clicks, users can quickly access their BCDR failover (hot) virtual environment. This dedicated environment provides virtual workstations that are backed up and offer access to recover and continue end users' work without any loss of data or productivity impact. The authentication process is completed within minutes, ensuring a seamless transition to the failover environment.

    Access to Secure &
    Compliant Data and Apps

    The Tehama BC/DR solution provides secure access to restored data and applications, whether they are restored on-premises or in the cloud. The platform has "follow-me" compliance capabilities that incorporate full compliance controls, such as SOC2 II, and user and security configuration policies. Additionally, conditional-based access offers peace of mind to enterprises.

    Office 365 Backup
    & Recovery

    With Tehama BC/DR, you can protect your Office 365 assets from data loss, ransomware encryption, accidental deletion or theft. Our service offers complete backup and replication of user and application data, including SharePoint and OneDrive, in a failover virtual environment. Tehama also integrates with OneDrive for seamless backup and on-demand access, following Microsoft's shared responsibility model. Rest easy knowing your Office 365 data is safe and secure.

    Expert Resources

    For a customized BC/DR strategy, Tehama's Business Continuity Engineering Specialists are available to assist. Tehama's RTO from activation to recovery is unmatched and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements in greater detail. Please contact us to learn more.

    Fraction of the Cost

    Offered as a managed service, Tehama’s BCDR is comprehensive and delivered at a fraction of the cost of competing offerings.

    Fastest RTO

    With the industry's fastest recovery time objective (RTO), we ensure continued access to data and apps with the best out-of-the-box experience. 

    Flexibility Like No Other

    Our solution is flexible and supports business configurations that meets your needs, including policy, service and infrastructure.

    How does Tehama do it?

    Globally available, Tehama BC/DR enables the business to get back up and running in hours following an outage or incident and for a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions.

      Meet the challenges of cybersecurity head-on with Tehama’s business continuity service.

      Frequently Asked Questions
      How often does Tehama conduct pen testing for the BCDR service?
      We conduct quarterly pen testing as part of our regular protocol to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of our BCDR service. As a result, we stay ready to handle any potential threats or disruptions to our operations.
      How often does Tehama conduct pen testing for the BCDR service?
      How often do you update the snapshots? What is your RPO?
      Tehama captures snapshots of every Tehama virtual desktop in production and in 12-hour increments with a 14-day retention while the desktop exists. As a managed service, the existing desktops will adhere to that policy and custom and master images will also be updated for these desktops on a quarterly basis and based on the technology application stack of the customer.
      How often do you update the snapshots? What is your RPO?
      What is your maximum tolerable period of disruption?
      Your organization can rest assured that our solution ensures you experience no interruptions or disturbances. Your service is continuously available regardless of region or location, continuous availability.
      What is your maximum tolerable period of disruption?
      How can I sign up for this service?
      This is delivered as a subscription service on a 12, 24, or 36-month basis, and can also be tailored to meet your risk profile. Contact [email protected] for more information.
      How can I sign up for this service?

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