Desktop Intelligence and Automation (DIA)

Secure, audit and optimize all end-user devices with desktop performance and analytics monitoring. Get a complete view into the health and performance of your entire digital workspace infrastructure.

Reduce Cost and Complexity

Centrally manage all digital workspaces with a single solution.

  • IT Administrators. Automate routine tasks using built-in or custom scripts that can easily be delivered across virtual desktops. Set custom alerts to notify you of certain event triggers.
  • Help Desk Operators. Perform remote actions and troubleshoot with real-time session visibility reports.
  • Virtual Team Managers. Proactively manage virtual desktops and applications to reduce downtime and improve team productivity.
Reduce Cost and Complexity for IT Teams
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Simplify Virtual Device Management

Easy device management and lower operating costs. No on-premises infrastructure required.

  • Easy Installation. No on-premises infrastructure required. Simple installation leaves a minimal footprint on the endpoint device.
  • Cross-Platform Support. Works across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Manage virtual desktops in a single solution.
  • Automatic Updates. Automatically identify out-of-date applications and virtual desktops to ensure compliance metrics are continually met.
Monitor and Spot Trends to Better Prepare for Demands
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Monitor and Spot Trends to Better Prepare for Demands.

Get a complete view into the health and performance of your digital workspaces to respond proactively and predict future needs.

  • Remote Desktop Status. See the number of desktops online, each user’s location, and their average log-on time.
  • Performance Optimization. Identify storage, memory, or CPU usage. Set custom alerts and deploy customized scripts to optimize desktop performance.
  • Deep Analytics. Deep-dive into analytics data to better monitor user experience, spot user trends, and prepare for future resource demands.
Simplify Virtual and Physical Device Management

Centrally Manage All Devices

See how Tehama’s Desktop Intelligence and Automation (DIA) add-on tool can help you better manage and monitor your team’s fleet of remote desktops.

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