Self-service Admin Console

Manage virtual desktops with an easy-to-navigate administration console built within Tehama’s all-in-one platform for securely enabling remote workers.

Simple Desktop Provisioning and User Management

Roll-out 1 to 10,000 virtual desktops with minimal IT oversight.

  • No Technical Expertise Required. With a web interface designed for business users, anyone can easily create and assign desktops. Provision new users in minutes.
  • Easy Application Management. Add, update and manage all the applications your workers need to do their jobs in a secure App Vault. No third-party tools or custom imaging required.
  • No Additional Infrastructure. While VDI and traditional DaaS implementations require heavy investment and effort from IT, one to two people can manage enterprise-level deployments.
Simple Desktop Provisioning and User management
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Manage Key Security Settings and Features in One Location

  • Custom Roles and Controls. Onboard all users through a defined approval and security policy process. Set strict access requirements and least privilege permissions.
  • Easy User Management. Automatically provision users and support single sign-on through a variety of identity providers, and authenticate users using MFA.
  • Reports and Analytics. Drill down into reports on desktop usage, user assignments, file access and more. Get even more robust analytics using Tehama Desktop Intelligence & Automation (DIA).
Manage Key Security Settings and Features in One Location
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See How Tehama Client Estimated an Initial Cost Savings of Nearly $400,000 Right Out of the Gate, Thanks to Saved Costs on Hardware, Software and Logistics.

Tehama was introduced to the client as the fastest, easiest, most secure way to deploy a virtual workforce. Tehama’s secure and compliant, cloud-based virtual offices, Workrooms, and desktops made it the most cost-effective solution by far.

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Quickly Launch Secure Virtual Desktops in Just 3 Simple Steps.

Find out how Tehama can help you instantly provision thousands of secure virtual desktops to your hybrid workforce.

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