Hybrid Work Platform for Financial Services

Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS), Security, Networking, Audit In One Turnkey Platform For Financial Institutions.

Financial institutions face incredible barriers when enabling a hybrid workforce.

The challenge of securing sensitive data and complying with increasingly demanding regulations, while sustaining a productive and connected workforce, is a herculean task. Add on complex IT infrastructure and daily cyber threats, and it’s no wonder that financial institutions have been slower to adopt remote work.

In the case of working with third-party vendors and contractors, the only way to enforce security and compliance is via written contracts and lengthy IT processes for provisioning corporate-owned laptops, which can be compromised once in the hands of the vendor. But with Tehama, we take those worries about security and compliance out of play.

Keep Your Data Safe With Tehama

Tehama gives financial institutions a simple way to enable remote work while meeting all security, compliance and audit regulations.
Audit All Work Delivered with Forensic Auditing
For even greater security, every Tehama session from every worker is perfectly witnessed in real-time and recorded for playback and auditing. Everything done in the Workroom is logged to protect the financial institution and in the case of contractors, the third-party organization.
Eliminate VPN Risk with Endpoint Device Isolation
Tehama isolates endpoint devices and eliminates VPN risks by providing a virtual extension (Workroom) of the enterprise. In a Tehama Workroom, workers can securely collaborate and deliver services to only the enterprise applications on-premises or to the cloud-based Workroom it has authorized them to access.
Strong Identity Control and Policy Enforcement
Before a global worker is permitted to enter a Workroom, they must complete an approval process that enforces policies such as nationality, OSFI, legal clearances, 23NYCRR500, GDPR or any other policies the financial institution wishes to enforce. Once workers are approved, they must use MFA (multi-factor authentication) to enter the Workroom. There, they start work on a Windows or Linux desktop image that is already loaded with all the software products authorized by the Workroom Manager.
Encrypt All Communication
Everything that happens in the Tehama Workroom is encrypted, as is all the communication between the Tehama platform and the financial services infrastructure. This completely eliminates the need for untrustworthy and expensive VPN connections and hardware.
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“The cost of cybercrime continues to rise for financial institutions, with an average cost of $18.5 million per business.”
Accenture, 2019

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