Create a Virtual Production Studio With a Secure Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Solution

Built for high performance, and securing content from capture to delivery.

Tehama’s DaaS solution allows you to spend less time chasing latency, and more time creating the next big thing.

We understand the technical challenges that businesses in the media, entertainment and gaming industry face during the content development process. Companies are constantly looking for the best way to reduce latency and improve performance, provide fast access to collaborate on digital content, and secure that content from capture to delivery.

To resolve all of these challenges, your business may be deploying and integrating multiple solutions, which only increases costs and complexity, slowing you down even further.

Tehama creates a virtual production studio in the cloud, and employees, third-party vendors and contractors can be onboarded to the platform within minutes. After they pass a number of strong identity controls, they can interact with digital content collaboratively and securely within Tehama Workrooms and desktops. Built-in auditing capabilities track every action within a Tehama Workroom down to the keystroke, and session recordings provide full visibility into each working session.

Business Outcomes

With Tehama’s DaaS platform, creating and protecting digital content is simple.
Support Any Workload with Improved Speed and Performance
Tehama offers a number of desktop configurations to meet the various workload needs of the industry. Choose from Windows or Linux desktops, for standard office use or the graphics-heavy computing needed for video editing in the cloud, or other post-production activities. Tehama uses Teradici’s PCoIP technology which supports advanced design applications for the best in lossless text, color accuracy, and interactivity.
Collaborate on Content Securely with Strong Identity Control
The platform implements a Zero-Trust access model for all employees and third-party vendors, protecting sensitive assets with segmented network access, dynamic firewall rules, multi-factor authentication and secrets vault. While most media & entertainment companies have to layer on multiple security solutions to keep digital content safe, Tehama’s single solution is built with all of these security controls.
Simplify IT Management and Reduce Costs
Tehama manages the infrastructure and updates, saving your team the time and money it takes to maintain physical desktops and on-premises infrastructure, or ship expensive hardware. Reduce costs with on-demand desktop provisioning that you can easily scale up and down depending on where you are in the content development process.
Monitor Threats with Forensic Auditing
With the media & entertainment industry constantly under attack by cyber sleuths, any one of the contractors and third-party vendors you choose to partner with, could be a direct security threat to your project. To combat this, every action performed within a Tehama Workroom is logged and visible. Session recordings and detailed logging allow you to track every interaction as content moves from development to release, and every stage in between.
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“Tehama is a member of the Trusted Partner Network, a global, industry-wide film and television content protection initiative by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA).”

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