Simplified Risk Management P2

Assess and mitigate digital risk, prevent threats, improve response times, and ensure business continuity.

Why is End-to-End Risk Management Important
in a Remote Work Universe?


in GDPR non-compliance fines in the first half of 2022. Atlast VPN


of organizations have had more than one breach. IBM


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How Does Tehama Help Enterprises Protect Against Fraudulent Activity?

Integrates threat intelligence and activity monitoring to mitigate digital risk, improve security and vulnerability management.

  • Threats are quickly isolated, stopping cybercriminals in their tracks
  • Built-in user session recording can help to quickly pinpoint any nefarious activity
  • Automated controls block sensitive data from being downloaded and distributed

How Does Tehama Help Enterprises Achieve Compliance Requirements?

Meets even the most stringent frameworks with built-in security and compliance.

  • SOC 2 Type II compliant platform ensures sensitive data is properly managed
  • Routine third-party penetration testing eliminates any security weaknesses
  • Built-in controls that make it easier to meet regulatory requirements including GDPR, FINRA, HIPAA, ISO 27001, OSFI, and PCI/DSS

How Does Tehama Support Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans?

Hybrid and remote workers can resume productivity quickly.

  • A full audit trail of activity monitors data being accessed, by whom and for how long to ensure productivity
  • End users can work from anywhere with instant rapid roll-out, and quickly scale up to meet capacity requirements
  • Costs associated with downtime following an incident are significantly reduced

Key Risk Management Features

3rd Party

Configure policy-based access for remote workers and contractors to prevent data theft and cyber incidents.

Platform Audits

Regularly audited by independent SOC-2 auditors and third-party penetration testers.


Built-in recording capabilities enable monitoring and auditing of all activities for investigative or training purposes.


Tehama enables organizations to re-deploy to DaaS infrastructure in another region of the world in just minutes.

Read How Tehama Has Enabled Systems Integrators to Validate the Trust of the World’s Most Demanding Public-sector Clients.

The organization now has a cost-efficient solution that eliminates delays in vendor onboarding while providing full visibility and unparalleled SOC 2 security in a cloud-based work environment.

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Protect Sensitive Data and Eliminate Endpoint Security Concerns.

Find out how Tehama can help you deploy secure virtual desktops in 3 simple steps.