Service Model

Due to the flexible nature of the Service and the numerous use cases for which it can be deployed, the Service has a number of role attributes (“Roles”) that can be allocated among Organizations when they work together to use the Service. While in many cases, the same Organization will be the Subscriber, Gateway Owner, and the Room Access Owner (as defined below), these Roles can be and will at times be held by different Organizations due to the specific use case.

The Organization that purchases a Subscription Plan through a signed ordering document or online order (“Order Form”) to access the Service in accordance with such Subscription Plan is the Subscriber. The Service is a cloud-based technology that enables a Subscriber to create a Room and to control what services and tools are provisioned in the Room. Subscriber may be assigned a Tehama employee (“Concierge”) to assist a Subscriber with all activities relating to its use of the Service, including, but not limited to, setting up its Account, configuring the Subscriber within the Service, providing information on billing and invoicing, and in general serving as the point of contact for anything relating to the Subscriber’s Account.

The Organization that installs the Tehama Gateway to control the Room’s access to the resources and services within that Organization’s internal infrastructure, such as internal network, cloud, etc., (“Assets”) or provides some other secure connection between the Assets and a Room directly connected to the Internet (“Internet-Connected Room”) is the Gateway Owner. The Gateway Owner may, by way of example, use the Room as a secure and audited virtual private extension of the Gateway Owner’s IT network to receive IT services remotely from another Organization or third party.

The Organization who controls access to the Room is the Room Access Owner. A Room Access Owner can invite Users within its own Organization as well as other Organizations and third parties to access the Room and use the Service. In cases where the Subscriber is different from the Gateway Owner, such as where IT services companies are delivering services through Rooms to end clients, the Gateway Owner is the Room Access Owner. User access to Rooms in this use case is controlled through a proposal and acceptance workflow whereby a Subscriber proposes an individual and a Gateway Owner approves of access to the Room by that individual.

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