Systems integrator reinforces client trust with secure Tehama environments


This leading management consultancy specializes in providing systems-integration support to a wide range of public-sector clients throughout North America and Europe. In providing this support, the consultancy must adhere to strict requirements around compliance, security and cost effectiveness.

The obligation to ensure security is made even more daunting by the involvement of dozens of subcontractors around the world. This consultancy needed a fast, affordable way to onboard its remote workforce while still being fully compliant with the security requirements of its public-sector customers.

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The Solution

Within hours of choosing Tehama, the consultancy was able to provide cloud-based desktop environments for all its contractors and their respective workloads. The zero-trust, role-based desktops match each contractor’s preferred operating system, whether Windows or Linux. With these virtual desktops, the company has eliminated the expense and risk of purchasing software and shipping managed laptops to far-flung locations. Tehama runs securely in any web browser and on any device and, since data and intellectual property never leave the client’s Tehama Rooms, there is no threat to data security in the case of a lost or stolen endpoint. Tehama’s session recordings, real-time activity feeds and complete audit trail are now giving the consultancy full visibility into each vendor’s actions in every database and application. Tehama’s SOC 2 Type II certification is offering further assurance that mission-critical databases and applications are fully secured. And with 107 built-in SOC 2 controls, Tehama is also providing full compliance with OSFI FIPS, NERC, HIPAA, NYCRR 500 and more.


Tehama has enabled this systems integrator to validate the trust of the world’s most demanding public-sector clients. The organization now has a cost-efficient solution that eliminates delays in vendor onboarding while providing full visibility and unparalleled SOC 2 security in a cloud-based work environment.  

Next Steps

Tehama expects the engagement to grow in 2020 as the client scales to meet demand for future projects.

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