Consumer electronics firm saves $400k using Tehama to enable its global virtual workforce


A major consumer electronics company using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure recently found itself at a crossroads. It needed to quickly enable a global workforce of several thousand users requiring access to its corporate network. But, because of intellectual property (IP) concerns (the network hosted everything from data insights, to marketing information, to proprietary designs) they had to do it in the most secure and compliant way possible, while also locking down its services supply chain.

The company had in the past entertained several different solutions including shipping laptops, setting up virtual private networks (VPNs), using cloud-based desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solutions, or even building out on-premise infrastructure. But much of the client’s global workforce was involved in manufacturing, with the majority based in countries well-known within IT circles for ubiquitous endpoint malware. Therefore, all these options required boots on the ground locally from head office to supervise, hands on, the global rollout.

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The Solution Tehama was introduced to the client as the fastest, easiest, most secure way to deploy a virtual workforce. Tehama’s secure and compliant, cloud-based virtual offices, rooms, and desktops made it the most cost-effective solution by far, through features such as:
  • Air-locked security via a combination of secure perimeters, automated encryption, malware protection, network segregation, multi-factor authentication and endpoint isolation
  • Support for compliance controls include SOC 2 Type II
  • Automated desktop provisioning that shrinks onboarding times from weeks to minutes
  • Deep auditing capabilities through perfectly-witnessed session recordings and audit logging, and the ability to view any workspace in real time, allowing you to supervise deployments in various regions without needing to actually be there
Thanks to the platform’s automated provisioning, Tehama activated a proof-of-concept (POC) for the client and had it running and usable in minutes. The POC was then proven out during the client’s three-week road trip to international regions across which its global workforce was distributed. Tehama’s POC effectively met the client’s requirements. As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Tehama was easily able to create software-controlled, secured workspaces right on the company’s existing AWS infrastructure.


The first benefit was immediate: The Tehama platform was simple to set up and use within minutes. This is in contrast to other desktop infrastructure deployments, which can take weeks or months. And there were several other significant benefits to the client:

  • Far more cost-effective: The client estimated an initial cost savings of nearly $400,000 right out of the gate, thanks to saved costs on hardware, software and logistics.
  • Faster deployment: The entire tedious (and expensive) process of shipping and recovering laptops from far-flung areas of the world, or deploying VPNs across hundreds or thousands of devices, was eliminated.
  • Easier management: Instead of needing an entire IT team to spearhead and manage a desktop rollout, Tehama enabled the client to perform the work with just one person managing hundreds of users. Instead of shipping laptops or setting up antiquated VPNs, the company can now enable its virtual desktops, and scale them up or down as needed, with a simple click.
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Next Steps

Tehama expects the engagement to grow in 2020 as the client scales to meet demand for future projects.

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