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Tehama teams with partner Sycomp to enable a fractional equities trading and embedded investing firm to improve productivity with secure, compliant, and scalable enterprise-ready virtual desktops


A U.S.-based financial services firm, focused on fractional equities trading and embedded investing has a mix of remote and hybrid employees, and third-party consultants and contractors, all who require secure, compliant, and reliable access to business critical data and applications. As is the case with many financial services providers, applications and data are often delivered as demanding, high-performance computing (HPC) workloads. However, the digital workspace solution the firm was using prior to the start of, and in the early days and months of the pandemic, had fallen well short of expectations.

Markets move quickly and to meet the investment needs of partners and clients, the financial services firm needed to keep pace with changes and fluctuations in the market as they occur, through instant access to the thousands of data points that now exist in the cloud. Further, its staff were concerned about latency issues and the solution the firm was using didn’t fully meet strict policies and financial services regulations.

In its quest for a new virtual desktop solution, the firm engaged Sycomp, a global provider of technology and enterprise security solutions.

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With the help of Sycomp, Tehama’s cloud-based platform purpose-built for hybrid workforces was selected by the financial services firm. Much more than a virtual desktop offering, the Tehama platform is a turn-key solution that provides security, privileged access management, data loss prevention and zero trust network access (ZTNA). The platform is also workflow-automated and orchestrated for compliance, support and ease of adoption.

What appealed most was Tehama’s ability to provide reliable access to the firm’s HPC workloads through its ultra-low latency, high-performance virtual workrooms and desktops feature SOC 2 Type II end-user compute environments (either Windows or Linux). With Tehama, the firm found they were able to get their staff up and running very quickly, and scale the platform to keep up with fluctuating demand.

Due to the need to meet strict financial policies and regulations, the firm also liked Tehama’s built-in ZTNA and endpoint isolation, segmented network access, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and a secure channel between endpoints and the network. The complete management, governance and auditing capabilities protect sensitive financial data being accessed by their trading and support staff, as well as third-party consultants and contractors. Finally, the firm was also pleased with Tehama’s ability to support 4k video and multi-monitor configurations, used by institutional traders and interns when working from home, as it eliminated the need to configure and ship laptops.

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Initially, the financial services firm used Tehama to enable its institutional traders to securely work from home. Since that time, they've customized desktops running business-critical applications including Bloomberg, Raptor, and Omex Systems for order management and execution. More recently, the firm has expanded their use of Tehama to securely connect with third-party consultants and contractors.

Since deploying Tehama, financial services firm has experienced the following outcomes:

Fast onboarding and management

The firm can now onboard – and offboard its institutional trading and support staff in minutes through centralized, one-click administration and management. Scaling large numbers of virtual desktops and driving productivity with the right permissions, applications, and data is now a simple matter of configuring a virtual workroom or desktop once and deploying it instantly to multiple endpoints. Additionally, updates and modifications can be made on-the-fly without disrupting the end user as they deal with time-sensitive trading requests.

Enterprise-level security, compliance, and forensic auditing

Tehama’s suite of integrated security tools provide peace of mind for technology innovators working with sensitive financial data. Tehama has more than 80 built-in SOC 2 Type II controls, and its ability to enable compliance with FINRA, PIPEDA, NYDFS 23 and NYCRR 500, for example, are vital. Because everything done in every Tehama session is recorded and logged, the firm can easily run system audits to see which resources and desktops have been used – and when.

Policy-based access control for third-parties

With Tehama, third-party consultants and contractors are vetted through a defined approval and security policy process. Elements such as physical location, clearance level and policies can be defined to restrict and secure access only to those who meet the requirements. With Multi-factor authentication, zero trust network segmentation and a Secrets Vault for privileged credentials, all data within the Tehama Workrooms and Desktops are protected.

Overall, the financial services firm has found Tehama to be an outstanding solution for improving the productivity of trading and support staff, as well as its third-party consultants and contractors.

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