Create clean white rooms in minutes

Deliver clean white rooms with a secure Desktop as a Service solution

In today’s world where data breaches are the new normal, organizations have to take extra care when dealing with sensitive information like personally identifiable information (PII), credit card data, systems of record data, and intellectual property. Often organizations go through extensive measures to create clean and secure computing facilities to inoculate themselves against potential malicious threats from bad actors, either internal or external.

The costs of creating a clean and secure physical computing environment are astronomical. 

Costs include finding and buying or renting the facility, leasehold improvements, hardware and software procurement and configuration, and implementing extra layers of security for entering into and out of the physical facility.

On top of that, one must also have actual human resources on-site to monitor the workers. All this is extremely expensive and time-consuming to procure, install, and configure.

In a world where there is an urgent need for businesses to create secure computing environments, organizations must find another way to deliver clean white rooms. Tehama was explicitly designed to create secure and compliant virtual white rooms on the cloud that give organizations complete control and visibility into everything that happens within that white room. 

Tehama creates a unique capability in the market unlike any other solution that allows you to set up a white room within minutes and invite workers from across the globe be they employees or third-party collaborators to work on mission critical and data sensitive applications with complete confidence that information is secure and locked within that white room and inoculated against data theft and malware intrusion.

Tehama empowers organizations to create white rooms within minutes, on the cloud

Get Complete control and visibility

Enterprises can define computing capabilities, what information specific users can connect to, and who can enter the white rooms, giving complete control and visibility into the workers inside those white rooms


The platform implements a Zero-Trust access model for all employees and third-party vendors, protecting sensitive assets with segmented network access, dynamic firewall rules, multi-factor authentication and secrets vault. 

Monitor with forensic auditing

All work performed inside a virtual and secure white room is logged for deep forensic auditing. All activity is logged into an activity stream and everything a user does is session recorded for video playback and video analysis.

reduce costs and complexity

Tehama manages the infrastructure and updates, saving your team the time and money it takes to maintain a secure physical computing environment. Reduce costs with on-demand desktop provisioning that you can easily scale up and down to meet project demand. 

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