Modern Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) On The Cloud

Not your traditional VDI. Experience a better way to engage and secure your global hybrid teams.

Tehama’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution ensures secure and compliant cloud VDI for a global workforce. Leveraging a global workforce is riddled with security risks: from abuse of privileged credentials and data theft to legacy hardware and infrastructure constraints. Tehama mitigates these risks by establishing a secure perimeter around cloud workspaces and corporate data. Organizations are using Tehama to deploy secure desktops and applications in multiple geographies in under an hour resulting in simplified IT management and user delight.

Traditional VDI Vendors vs Tehama

Traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology, while well established, can’t defend against a growing number of threats to your business and its corporate systems. From outside hackers, to internal human error, to compliance issues brought on by ballooning data velocities and increased regulations, traditional VDI solutions simply can’t keep up with the modern workplace.

Enter Tehama. With its trailblazing technology, IT teams don’t need to place controls and frameworks on managed individual laptops or other devices. And the C-suite can rest assured that Tehama’s Room Directory, Zero-trust access controls, policy controls and dynamic firewall rules help their organization meet security and compliance requirements with no integration, infrastructure or additional IT administration.

Additionally, today’s legacy VDI and DaaS providers—like Citrix, VMware and Microsoft—do not offer a complete solution for securing remote work and connecting remote teams to data.  With any of our competitors, you would need to integrate multiple vendor solutions to do what Tehama’s single platform does.

Tehama is Feature Rich

Secure & Compliant Cloud-Based Workrooms
All the security and compliance capabilities your hybrid workforce needs in a cloud-based environment, also known as a “Tehama Workroom”. 
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Self-service Admin Console
Manage virtual desktops with an easy-to-navigate administration console built within Tehama’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) platform.
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Secure Gateway
Turn your Tehama Workroom into a secure virtual extension of your private network. The Tehama Gateway provides a secure path to data that allows remote workers to access network resources from anywhere.
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Desktop Intelligence and Automation (DIA)
Secure, audit and optimize all end-user devices with desktop performance and analytics monitoring. Get a complete view into the health and performance of your entire device fleet.
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Regulatory Compliance
Tehama takes the heavy lifting out of compliance, making it easier for your organization to meet specific regulatory requirements.
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One Hour to Productivity

Tehama provides all the components required to quickly and securely onboard and manage your global workforce—improving time-to-value and scalability, while reducing downtime for users and improving the overall employee experience.

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Create a Tehama Room

The Tehama Room is created in the cloud in less than 15 minutes and works with any hybrid (cloud or on-prem) infrastructure.

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Invite Users

Easily add employees or third-party vendors and have them enroll within minutes.

Icon of a lock with connected dots around it


Grant Access to Resources

Define network segmentations, credential, firewall, and file policies to enforce compliance and regulations.

Icon of a desktop window with code


Add Users to a Desktop

Provide fully-provisioned, virtual desktops that can be shared between workers.

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Start Work

Get to work, and have complete confidence that every move is being audited.

Learn how to deploy cloud desktops to remote employees, contractors,
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