All Use Cases

By providing a comprehensive platform for all your IT service needs, Tehama solves a wide range of today’s critical challenges faced by business executives, IT leaders, and the providers that serve them. See how Tehama can remove barriers to execution and empower your global workforce to reach new levels.

→ Vendors and Contractors
According to Gartner, 50 percent of all IT services will be outsourced by 2020.

→ Hybrid or Remote Teams
How do you enable and secure a remote workplace with no borders?

→ Business Continuity & Contingency
Ensuring business continuity for a global workforce with DaaS.

→ Protect Credentials and passwords
To reduce cyber threats and secure your network assets.

→ Eliminate VPN Risk
Replace unsecured VPN connectivity with a solution built for a distributed workforce.

→ Dark Web Investigations
Any lost data can have serious operational and privacy implications.

→ Data Trusts
Tehama ensures data integrity for data trusts.

→ Post M&A Integration
No more shipping Laptops

→ Secured Innovation Sandbox
Create Agile and Secure Innovation Sandboxes with Tehama.

→ Increased Distributed Development Agility
For third parties and remote employees, locally and globally.

→ White Room
Set up a white room within minutes and invite workers from across the globe.