Platform Overview

Complete SaaS-based work environments built for securing a global workforce

Get a “ready-to-work” solution without any of the getting ready

Tehama provides all the components required to quickly and securely onboard and manage your global workforce—without the complexity of owning and integrating virtual desktop infrastructure, Desktop-as-a-Service, and tools for privileged access and security management.

Migrate from multi-tool integration risks and efforts to a complete business solution


Migrate from the risks and efforts of multi-vendor product integrations to a complete business solution.

How it works

Tehama creates software-controlled, secured workspaces for IT service delivery and development.

Tehama consolidates and controls the infrastructure with dedicated and encrypted networking channels, replacing the need for risky and costly VPN connections and hardware.

We create the firewalls, the storage, the end-user compute infrastructure, and the security and access policies, all in one place. These contained and collaborative workspaces operate as a virtual extension of your secured business infrastructure in the cloud. The result is more security, more control, more isolation—with almost no set-up time.

Key Capabilities


No Infrastructure

Stop using VPNs. Stop shipping laptops. Stop using jump boxes. And stop growing your global physical corporate footprint. Take mere minutes to connect Cloud-based, secured, clean end-user compute white room environments to your corporate infrastructure. And get work done.

Wickedly Smart Architecture

End-user compute is more than VDI sessions; you still need privileged access controls, password management, storage, the list goes on! Tehama builds all of these capabilities instantly into tightly integrated and secure, software-controlled work environments, which become isolated extensions of the corporate datacenter. Each one has the necessary security, compliance, and access requirements that you need. It’s isolated and collaborative – and globally available.


Secure and Authenticated Access

Control the configuration and management of user access to your corporate infrastructure. Secure privileged insider and third-party access to critical systems. Limit who has access to which server, right to the IP address and port, without sharing passwords. All Secrets (server addresses, usernames and passwords) are stored in a secure vault—and you control who has access through one central management panel.

Easy Integration within Your Environment

Integrate with the identity access management and single sign-on tools you already use, such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Google SSO and G Suite, OKTA Identity Cloud, OneLogin SSO, and Centrify Application Services. And Tehama is fully SAML-compliant.

Increased Productivity

Stop shipping laptops to remote workers. Leverage their existing technology. All they need is a web browser on any device to remotely access Windows or Linux compute sessions. And workers gain access to systems with greater compute and bandwidth capabilities and tremendous scalability.

Regulatory Compliance

Tehama meets the strictest regulatory compliance: GDPR and SOC 2 Type II. It also provides access policy controls to ensure that work being done on the platform continually conforms to the requirements of the project—and this removes the certification burden and time during new project ramp-up. Learn more.