Accelerating your Business to the Cloud: The Struggle is Real.

Connect with our experts for a complimentary assessment and identify exactly where your organization is overspending or underspending on your cloud infrastructure investments.

Do You Know What You Are Spending on Hybrid Work?

Hybrid work has created an entirely new landscape. As a result, many businesses face the challenges of overprovisioning and under-utilization that lead to cloud waste and rising costs.


Provisioned, but unused end-compute hours each week.


Average Cloud Budget that went to waste, compared to 30% in 2021. CloudZero


of CIOs and CTOs said the most challenging aspect of managing cloud costs was finding the right cloud workload offering.


companies aren't sure what they spend their cloud budget on. CloudZero


Estimated waste on overprovisioning, based on 2022 Cloud Spend.

Discover Tehama’s Hybrid Work Assessment

Gather data from the endpoint to establish true consumption relative to business needs,
and identify areas of immediate cost savings.

User Consumption and Activity

Identify how to uncover efficiencies in managing operating costs in the procurement, management and support of your hybrid workforce.

  • Profile your business use cases
  • Match resources to business needs
  • Uncover user consumption and activity insights

Application Dependencies and Constraints

Eliminate inefficiencies common in today’s digital workplace environments.

  • Evaluate licensing expenditures
  • Inventory application assets
  • Measure endpoint performance vs application needs

Digital Workspace DR/BC

Businesses need to continue operations and ensure secure access to data, applications, and workplace.

  • Evaluate user connectivity resources
  • Review existing business continuity needs
  • Plan for natural and man-made disaster

Align Your Cloud Spend to Your Hybrid Work Strategy

Learn how to save on your hybrid work deployments.

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Gain a complete picture so that you can optimize your cloud spend, and reduce waste

Consumption and Usage.

Tehama will evaluate selected systems within your end user computing infrastructure and provide the necessary modules to collect data on your consumption of applications and services.

Data Analysis.

Tehama will perform a data analysis of the current computing and networking environment using an agentless virtual appliance. The agent will collect data for 14 consecutive days to present an accurate view of infrastructure statistics including information about your network, such as hardware configuration, TCP/IP settings, file shares and end user activity monitoring.

Application Dependency Mapping.

Tehama will map applications to the infrastructure to illustrate which components each application touches as it uses the network. With this data in hand, it becomes much easier to understand what impacts a change in one application or application component will have. Application dependency mapping will also make it easier to determine what is happening when an application either slows down or stops.

SME Auditing.

Tehama will conduct a series of individual interviews with your organization to create an accurate list of critical systems necessary for infrastructure foundation. The subject matter expert (SME) will look for specific user and system administrator pain points to understand bottlenecks and other system issues.


Tehama will create a Work over IP Guide that will focus on consumption estimates and implementation design and delivery report.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Tehama Hybrid Work Assessment?
To help businesses better align their cloud spend with their hybrid work strategy, Tehama has created the Hybrid Work Assessment. Through this offering, businesses can gain a clearer picture of their true cloud consumption, relative to their business needs and identify areas for immediate cost savings, prioritize budget and make informed decisions regarding future licensing.
What is the Tehama Hybrid Work Assessment?
Why do I need a Hybrid Work Assessment from Tehama?
Critical to business success is the ability to align hybrid work investments with financial, business and security objectives. Through Tehama’s Hybrid Work Assessment, your organization is able to remove the cost and complexity of over-provisioning and under-utilization of cloud services and applications by identifying operational cost savings within your hybrid work infrastructure.
Why do I need a Hybrid Work Assessment from Tehama?
How can I start my Tehama Hybrid Work Assessment?
To begin your Hybrid Work Assessment, submit the form below and_______. You can also combine Tehama’s assessment with a 7-day trial of the Tehama Carrier for Work™ to see how this consumption-based hybrid work platform will benefit your business.
How can I start my Tehama Hybrid Work Assessment?
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