Tehama Desktop Intelligence and Automation

Secure, audit and optimize end-user devices

As more organizations adopt fully remote or hybrid work environments, IT administrators are responsible for managing more endpoints than ever before, spanning all sorts of devices and locations. To support these devices at scale, enterprises need a complete view into the health and performance of their device fleet experience, understand trends to predict future needs, and respond to issues proactively.
Tehama Desktop Intelligence and Automation is an add-on service to the Tehama platform that allows IT administrators to centrally manage all physical and virtual devices. The tool provides deep insight into desktop performance and user experience while making it simple to automate critical updates based on any event trigger set by the business.

Reduce costs and complexities for IT teams

IT administrators — Achieve lower operating costs while delivering better quality service to end-users, and leverage tools to perform automated tasks on remote endpoints

Help desk operators — Improve troubleshooting with real-time session visibility and perform remote actions to resolve issues quickly.

Managers of virtual teams — Reduce downtime and improve team productivity with proactive management of desktops and applications.

Tehama Desktop Intelligence and Automation

Get deep insight into desktop health and performance

Built-in dashboards provide deep visibility into desktop health and performance, understanding data such as:

  • Number of desktops online, location, and average logon time
  • Storage, memory and CPU usage to identify issues and optimize performance
  • Compliance metrics to identify out-of-date applications and desktops

Set custom alerts to notify you of anomalies or certain event triggers, such as a metric reaching a certain threshold, or reaching a certain time of day. Use these event triggers to deliver custom scripts instantly to each desktop to perform certain actions.

Tehama Desktop Intelligence Dashboards
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Easy installation

A simple agent installation leaves a minimal footprint on the endpoint, and no on-premises infrastructure is required
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Deep analytics

Instant delivery of deep analytics to help you monitor user experience, and spot trends to better prepare for future demands
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Cross-platform support 

Manage physical and virtual devices (Windows, Mac and Linux) in a single solution.
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Guided remediation

Perform automated tasks on remote endpoints based on certain triggered events.

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