Tehama Raises the Standard for Cybersecurity in Hybrid and Remote Work

Expanded capabilities remove complexity, prevent data loss and simplify compliance

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, February 7, 2023Tehama, an industry-leading cybersecurity platform for the delivery of secure hybrid and remote work for enterprises around the globe, is pushing the envelope on cybersecurity with the launch of several new features designed to improve the security posture of hybrid and remote work environments.

“As more businesses move to the cloud, the risk of cyberattacks is on the rise. The  cost of data loss associated with these attacks alone, is growing exponentially with the estimated average cost of a data breach reaching close to $9.5 million USD in 2022, up from $5.5 million USD a decade ago,” said Kevin Haaland, Chief Technology Officer, Tehama. “Compounding this is the complexity of enabling secure remote or hybrid work. Securing disparate hardware and software used across the enterprise to drive employee productivity, not only presents new challenges and costs but makes it imperative  that businesses act immediately in shoring up their security posture.” 

He added, “Through Tehama’s industry-leading all-in-one platform, organizations have everything they need to protect the delivery of remote and hybrid work, without impacting productivity and collaboration. Built-in security controls eliminate risk and simplify compliance, and the new features and capabilities we are adding to the platform further enhance data loss prevention and create a more robust audit trail, while also blocking unauthorized access to desktops and applications. Simply put, Tehama has done the heavy lifting for you.”  

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Day one integrated data loss prevention and Audit 

Tehama’s new File Vault Data Loss Prevention service empowers CISOs and Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs) by providing full data and audit visibility, including policy enforcement and automation. From day one, organizations can categorize files based on sensitivity, manage access, track activity and audit as required with Tehama’s integrated activity stream. “The File Vault Data Loss Prevention service continues to deliver on Tehama’s commitment  to enabling businesses to protect their data through more robust auditing and access control capabilities, while eliminating complexity and cost” added Haaland.

World-class authentication through Single Sign-On integration with SAML and SCIM 

For security and compliance administrators, Tehama’s Single Sign-On (SSO) integration with advanced Identity management delivers top-of-the-line authentication and enforcement by combining Tehama’s core capabilities in identity administration and policy automation, with the ability to integrate with existing Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and/or System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) providers. Additionally, Tehama has expanded access controls to enable fully-integrated multi-factor authentication (MFA) protocols, which reinforces policy compliance and prevents accounts from being compromised. 

To further enhance security, Tehama incorporated and automated the guidelines set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and upgraded its password hashing algorithm to SHA-265. “This enables us to achieve a higher password encryption standard, while also improving validation for Google single sign-on authentication,” said Haaland.

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