Create Secure Perimeters for Workspaces in the Cloud Webinar Poster

In this webinar: 

On-demand workspace instances are readily available in the cloud and serve a multitude of uses ranging from purpose-built utility computing to temporary throw-away cases. Securing access to cloud-based workspaces, and to the corporate networks and data which they need to connect represents an enormous amount of effort to build and secure properly, but also presents very compelling use cases once properly secured.

We’ll discuss how a security perimeter placed around cloud-based VDI and DaaS workspaces lets IT and SecOps restrict workspace access to exactly the specific corporate data to which access is needed, and by the specific end user to which that access is granted.

You’ll learn:

  • The building blocks necessary to create and leverage a secured perimeter placed around cloud-based VDI and DaaS workspaces
  • How Financial Services orgs are using secured perimeters to connect off-shore dev and support teams to sensitive corporate networks
  • How Large MSPs are delivering services to secured corporate customers without incurring the cost nor time consumptions of hardware provisioning.



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Gene Villeneuve

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Chris Ault
Director of Product Management