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Best Practices for Data Trusts

Data breaches are on the rise today, and frequently dominate daily news headlines around the world. Significant risks are present when access to sensitive data is made available to multiple disparate organizations for macro and aggregated intelligence gathering and analysis purposes.

We are also living in a day and age where sensors, instrumentation, CCTV cameras, and personal devices collect data in real-time and aggregate the data for analysis and monetization by large organizations. Organizations such as financial institutions, smart city collectives, government departments, utilities, telecommunications firms, health care entities, and social media applications all collect and use sensitive data. Custodians of the data must manage data governance, data access, and understand how the data is being used internally or by third-parties.

There is an urgent need for a platform that enables secure and controlled access to data that can be anonymized and used for insightful analysis by authorized personnel for specific purposes, and secure access to multiple organizations and third-parties—without the risk of data escaping from the platform. This type of platform has to be designed to prevent data leakage, data copying, and any mishandling of master data.

In this 60-minute webinar, Chris Ault, Director of Product Management at Tehama, and Hassan Jaferi, CEO of Bitnobi explore the problem of controlling access to data and how to reduce threats of malware. They will then introduce a policy-based model that enables secure and controlled access to data for analysis without compromising security.

You will learn:

  • How to holistically provide and secure access to aggregated and globally disparate data
  • How to build and enforce an Roles-Based Information Sharing model
  • How to prevent any potential of unauthorized data exfiltration
  • How to remove the risks and exposures of malware

Who should attend:
IT SecOps Directors
Government and Financial security leaders
Those responsible for protecting sensitive data

Chris Ault Headshot

Chris Ault

Director of Product Management

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Hassan Jaferi

Bitnobi Inc