Tehama Virtual Desktops on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Easily deploy 1000s of Virtual Desktops for enterprise teams with remote employees, contractors and vendors on OCI.

Tehama provides a faster path to cloud adoption

Tehama and Oracle have partnered together to bring Tehama Virtual Desktops to OCI, with a solution designed for a global hybrid workforce. Tehama provides a faster path to cloud adoption for today’s work-from-anywhere environments by enabling mid-market and large enterprises around the globe with the ability to deploy hundreds or thousands of virtual desktops connected on OCI in minutes.

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How Do Tehama Virtual Desktops Work?
The Tehama platform creates secure virtual rooms and desktops on OCI that connect remote workers to mission-critical and data-sensitive systems using an encrypted Tehama gateway.

At the core of the platform is a unique architecture that creates a secure perimeter around a virtual room, and within that room, users can access secure virtual desktops. Each Tehama Workroom includes all the controls and capabilities required to quickly onboard, manage, scale, secure, and audit a global workforce or third-party vendor.

The Tehama Workroom operates as a virtual extension of your secured business infrastructure in the cloud. The result is more security, more control, more isolation—with almost no set-up time and an endless amount of savings in software licensing costs. Learn more.
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Why Tehama?

  • Secure


    Unlock your global workforce while meeting regulatory and security compliance requirements.

  • Scalability

    Set up your custom Tehama OCI solution and easily add or remove desktops.

  • Leadership Team


    Realize savings of up to 30% over other remote access solutions.

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Benefits for the Organization

• Rapidly Implementation For OCI Environments
• Built-in Security and Compliance
• Effortlessly Scale Up Or Down As Needed
• Enhance IT Efficiency And User Experience
• No Additional Infrastructure Costs

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