Tehama Virtual Desktops on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Easily deploy 1000s of Virtual Desktops for enterprise teams with remote employees, contractors and vendors on OCI.

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Tehama and Oracle have partnered together to bring Tehama Virtual Desktops to OCI, with a solution designed for a global hybrid workforce. Tehama provides a faster path to cloud adoption for today’s work-from-anywhere environments by enabling mid-market and large enterprises around the globe with the ability to deploy hundreds or thousands of virtual desktops connected on OCI in minutes.

How Do Tehama Virtual Desktops Work?

The Tehama platform creates secure virtual rooms and desktops on OCI that connect remote workers to mission-critical and data-sensitive systems using an encrypted Tehama gateway.

At the core of the platform is a unique architecture that creates a secure perimeter around a virtual room, and within that room, users can access secure virtual desktops. Each Tehama Workroom includes all the controls and capabilities required to quickly onboard, manage, scale, secure, and audit a global workforce or third-party vendor.

The Tehama Workroom operates as a virtual extension of your secured business infrastructure in the cloud. The result is more security, more control, more isolation—with almost no set-up time and an endless amount of savings in software licensing costs.

Why Tehama


Unlock your global workforce while meeting regulatory and security compliance requirements.

  1. Built-in firewalls, automated encryption, network isolation, secure perimeters.
  2. Secure Tehama gateway connects to OCI environment or customer’s on-premises applications.
  3. Segmented network access. Grant global workers access to only the systems and information they need.


Set up your custom Tehama OCI solution and easily add or remove desktops.

  1. From standard desktops to high performance computing  (HPC) desktops, deploy 1 to 10,000 desktops in minutes.
  2. Easily onboard and offboard global teams, contractors,or vendors.
  3. Create a secure and isolated  work environment  for each project.


Realize savings of up to 30% over other remote access solutions.

  1. No added costs associated with layered security solutions or shipping laptops.
  2. Everything’s included. No additional systems integrators, servers or software required.
  3. No added labour costs for managing Tehama in the OCI environment.
Steve Scott

Steve Scott, Senior Director of IT Operations, Harte Hanks

“Tehama allowed us to move 10 times as fast. It’s what needed to happen to allow us to accept work that we previously couldn't have accepted. And we would not have been able to retain the clients that we had (when Covid-19 hit).”

Benefits for Organizations

Rapidly implement DaaS for OCI environments

Instead of spending weeks architecting your own DaaS solution on OCI resources – including time spent on consulting and pilot phases – Tehama’s cloud-based platform enables you to get your employees and contractors up and running in a few hours, with better desktop performance than traditional DaaS.

Secure Desktop as a Service

Tehama features industry-leading security capabilities that contribute to a Zero Trust environment, powered by built-in firewalls, automated encryption, network isolation, secure perimeters, and least privilege permissions.

Protect against intellectual property & data theft

Contain all intellectual property and work assets in secured collaborative environments, eliminating the risk of data theft. A Tehama Workroom’s secured perimeter allows for global remote access to corporate networks and assets, with Zero Trust network segmentation and a holistic security and trust framework.

Effortlessly scale up or down as needed

Traditional DaaS or VDI requires complex sizing of different resources, and scaling can be time-consuming if you guess wrong or facts on the ground suddenly change. Tehama offers predictable and simple linear scaling allowing you to spin up as many Tehama Workrooms and virtual desktops connected to OCI as you need, with no CapEx required the ability to scale down just as fast.

No added cost associated with layering on additional solutions

By consolidating all the necessary tools and technologies to securely enable remote work into one SaaS platform, Tehama reduces unnecessary costs, complexity, and integrations. With Tehama, teams can avoid the headache of additional third-party solutions or the hidden costs that can crop up with legacy DaaS providers.

Enhance IT efficiency and user experience

At its core, Tehama centralizes and optimizes various workflows across the IT lifecycle to simplify desktop and application delivery. It eliminates the need to invest time, effort and budget into manually upgrading complex IT infrastructure, software and services. Tehama’s efficient onboarding means improved user experiences and a reduction in downtime. Employers can quickly onboard, manage, scale, secure, and audit global teams.

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