Vendors and Contractors

As enterprises rely more on contract workers and third-party vendors, the need for a simple and secure DaaS solution is urgent

Leveraging and growing a global outsourcing team that includes third-party vendors — systems integrators, managed service providers, partners, contractors, and freelancers — is key to agility and growth. However, security risks have never been greater. Add on the complexity of enabling third-party remote access, and the vendor onboarding process can take more than six months. 

Engaging a third-party vendor creates additional threat surfaces and challenges including abuse of privileged credentials, malware intrusion,  intellectual property theft, and legacy hardware and infrastructure constraints.  Keeping your services supply chain secured is an essential part of any third-party risk management plan. Tehama’s next-generation DaaS solution helps you manage these risks, without the complexity.

“For the CPO (Chief Procurement Officer), the single biggest problem that is impeding the enterprise wide digital initiative is the supplier onboarding process. It currently takes six to nine months. For the CEO, this is absolutely unacceptable.” (Gartner, 2019)

Tehama’s next-generation DaaS solution helps you manage third-party risks, without the cost and complexity

Organizations need a solution that secures and simplifies onboarding, managing, scaling, and auditing third-party vendors. The traditional methods available on the market today are failing to support organizations’ requirements for fast delivery of projects, access to global and diverse skills, while maintaining security and compliance. 

Instant SOC 2 Type II Compliance

With 81 controls that are built into the platform, an audit of this scope on your own would take considerable time, money and resources, and would possibly delay the launch of your project. In today’s risk environment, SOC 2 Type II compliance is no longer a “nice to have.” It is absolutely mandatory. Tehama also helps your organization meet specific regulatory requirements such as 23 NYCRR 500, GDPR, OSFI, FIPS, HIPAA and PIPEDA.

policy-based access control

With Tehama, all third-party vendors and users are vetted through a defined approval and security policy process. Elements such as physical location, clearance level and policies can be defined to restrict and secure access only to those who meet the requirements. With Multi-factor authentication, zero trust network segmentation and a Secrets Vault for privileged credentials, all data within the Tehama Rooms and Desktops are protected.  

Rapid onboarding

Current solutions for onboarding third-party vendors are lengthy and delay time to productivity. Credentials need to be created, working environments need to be set up, backgrounds checked and often laptops need to be provisioned and shipped. Tehama provides an easy and fast way to onboard third-party service providers, that shrinks the time investment from months, to minutes.  

Forensic Auditing

Every action performed from the moment a Tehama Room is created to the moment a Room is decommissioned  is logged. A Room Owner can observe in real-time any work being delivered inside a Tehama Room from any contractor anywhere in the world. When a problem occurs, session recordings can be used to quickly identify, investigate and fix the issue. 

Onboarding third-party service providers doesn’t have to be complicated, costly or risky

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