Use Cases

By providing a comprehensive platform for all your IT service needs, Tehama solves a wide range of today’s critical challenges faced by business executives, IT leaders, and the providers that serve them. See how Tehama can remove barriers to execution and empower your global workforce to reach new levels.

Eliminate VPN Risk

Replace unsecured VPN connectivity with a solution built for a distributed workforce.

Secure Remote and Third-party Access

With more security and isolation than point solutions alone.

Accelerate Compliance Programs

Such as PCI/SOC-2, through continuous auditing and built-in compliance.

Increase Distributed Development Agility

For third parties and remote employees, locally and globally.

Reduce IT Vendor Risk

Reduce onboarding and management time while you reduce your threat surface.

Protect Credentials and Passwords

To reduce cyber threats and secure your network assets.

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