Tehama: The World's Leading Desktop Virtualizer

Secure and compliant virtual desktops in the cloud

How it works

Tehama creates software-controlled, secured workspaces for IT service delivery and development.

One cloud-based SaaS platform consolidates and controls the infrastructure with dedicated and encrypted networking channels, replacing the need for risky and costly VPN connections and hardware.

With Tehama we control the firewalls, the storage, the end-user compute infrastructure, and the security and access policies, all in one place.

These contained and collaborative workspaces operate as a virtual extension of your secured business infrastructure in the cloud. The result is more security, more control, more isolation—with almost no set-up time and an endless amount of savings in software licensing costs.

Tehama Secure Virtual Room Diagram explaining how it works

Our features

Secure and Compliant Virtual Desktops on the Cloud

Tehama’s virtual desktops provide secure remote access to mission-critical and data-sensitive systems. The platform’s secure perimeters, automated encryption, continuous malware protection, and network segregation protect corporate assets.

Secure White Rooms in Multi-tenant SaaS Architecture

Cloud-based SaaS architecture automates the process of provisioning secure virtual desktops. Tehama features enhanced security capabilities and the ability to rapidly onboard and audit a global workforce or third-party service providers.

Multi-Factor Authentication & Endpoint Isolation

Deep workflow and approval process for granting access to the Tehama Rooms with MFA or SAML/SCIM integration ensures only trusted and approved members can access the Tehama Rooms. Corporate networks are isolated from the risk of malware intrusions from unsecured endpoint devices.

Regulatory Compliance and Auditing

Get instant compliance with Tehama’s SOC 2 Type II built-in controls, and immediately meet the services delivery requirements of highly regulated banking, financial services, health care, insurance, Telco, and government industries. Create, control, and maintain highly regulated work environments compliant to SOC 2, OSFI FIPS, NERC, HIPAA, NYCRR 500, and more.

Zero-Trust Network Isolation

The platform implements a Zero-Trust access model for all employees and third-party contractors, applying multi-factor authentication and network access policies resulting in access control and precision when granting access to secured internal networked assets.

Deep Forensic Auditing 

Session recordings and detailed audit logging provide full visibility into everything that happens in the Room. Tehama captures everything from the creation of the Room to all work performed in real-time, and enables auditors and risk manager to ensure regulatory and compliance requirements are met.

Least Privilege Permissions

Segregates network access by applying the principle of least privilege. Grant global workers access only to the systems required for their contract. Eliminate cross-network access typical of VPN connectivity.

Data & IP Protection

Secure virtual “Rooms” protect data and intellectual property from escaping, preventing breaches and abuse, and significantly reduce the risks associated with lost or stolen endpoint devices.

Tehama comprises all capabilities needed to trust remote workers with secured privileged access to corporate networks

How we compare

Key Capabilities Tehama Shipping Laptops VPN Jumpboxes VDI DaaS
Secure and Compliant Virtual Desktops on the Cloud
Secure White Rooms in Multi-tenant SaaS Architecture
Zero-Trust Network Isolation
Multi-Factor Authentication & Endpoint Isolation
Least Privilege Permissions
Data & IP Protection
Deep Forensic Auditing
Regulatory Compliance and Auditing

One hour to productivity

Tehama provides all the components required to quickly and securely onboard and manage your global workforce—without the complexity of owning and integrating virtual desktop infrastructure, Desktop-as-a-Service, and tools for privileged access and security management.
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Create a Tehama Room
The Tehama Room is created in the cloud in less than 15 minutes and works with any hybrid (cloud or on-prem) infrastructure.

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Invite Users

Easily add employees or third-party vendors and have them enroll within minutes.

Icon of a lock with connected dots around it


Grant Access to Resources
Define network segmentations, credential, firewall, and file policies to enforce compliance and regulations.

Icon of a desktop window with code


Add Users to a Desktop
Provide fully-provisioned, virtual desktops that can be shared between workers.

Icon of a timer with a cog


Start Work

Get to work, and have complete confidence that every move is being audited.

Visual that lists Tehama Secure room features

Migrate from the risks and costs of multi-vendor product integrations to a complete business solution

Tehama is the only solution which comprises all capabilities needed to trust remote workers with secured privileged access to cloud desktops accessing corporate networks.