Remote Workforce Enablement
Manage a global workforce with zero compromises on productivity and security.

Within the ever-changing corporate marketplace, organizations need access to global talent, to meet timely business objectives, and to work on data sensitive systems.

As more companies adopt remote working, they are opening themselves up to a number of risks that cannot go unnoticed. With the threat of data breaches, malware, and other digital maladies looming, companies need a reliable partner to ensure team agility and productivity in a secure controlled environment.

Tehama’s cloud-based Desktop as a Service (DaaS) platform solves these challenges by enabling organizations to seamlessly deploy virtual offices, Workrooms and desktops in 60 minutes. And with software-defined perimeters for compliant, zero trust access, Tehama ensures fully secure information-sharing and digital collaboration within the organization.

Business Outcomes

Reduce Downtime & Improve Remote Working Experiences
Organizations are leaning on an increasingly global talent pool to meet their business objectives in a quickly evolving marketplace. Tehama is built to enable fully secure information-sharing and digital collaboration within the organization. Tehama’s ultra-low latency, high-performance virtual Workrooms and desktops feature SOC 2 Type II end-user compute environments (either Windows or Linux), allowing remote staff to get up and running quickly and compliantly even with demanding high-performance computing (HPC) workloads. Remote workers also get consistent and high-performing virtual desktop experiences from any endpoint device, such as Windows, macOS, Linux or Google Chromebooks.
Increase IT Efficiency With Workplace Automation
At its core, Tehama centralizes and optimizes various workflows across the IT lifecycle to simplify desktop and application delivery, all within an easy web UI. Tehama eliminates the need to invest time, effort and budget into manually upgrading complex IT infrastructure, software and services.
Protect Against Intellectual Property & Data Theft
Contain all intellectual property and work assets in secured collaborative environments, eliminating the risk of data theft. The secured perimeters within a Tehama Workroom allow for global remote access to corporate networks and assets, with zero trust network segmentation, and a holistic security and trust framework.
Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
Tehama’s SaaS model reduces the hard and soft costs associated with hardware, maintenance, upgrades, additional tooling, and the headcount needed to manage overly complex IT infrastructure. The flexibility of our elastic consumption model means your desktop needs can scale up or down without requiring a monthly minimum commitment.
Remote and hybrid work scenarios are the wave of the future. Tehama allows organizations to quickly respond to growth and fluctuating demands on the business by rapidly deploying a secure cloud workspace.
Allows Remote Workers Securely Access Network Resources From Anywhere
The Tehama Gateway establishes a secure channel between a Tehama Workroom and your organization’s private network, connecting workers and their devices with mission-critical data, regardless of their location. You can also enable Tehama’s Domain Join feature to integrate a Workroom with your existing Active Directory implementation.
Supports Any Workload With Multiple Virtual Desktop Configurations
Tehama offers both Windows and Linux virtual desktops that meet any workload need, from standard office use to graphics-heavy computing, and everything in between.
Keeps Data Protected
Securely capture activity via session recordings in the Audit Vault, transfer files safely using the File Vault, and store privileged access credentials and firewall rules in the Secrets Vault. Utilize the App Vault to centralize application management and updates without requiring additional tooling or custom images.
Secures, Audits and Optimizes End-user Devices With Tehama Desktop Intelligence and Automation
Tehama Desktop Intelligence and Automation (DIA) is an add-on service that helps secure, audit and optimizes end-user devices, while at the same time providing a transparent user experience. With this add-on service, administrators can centrally manage all virtual desktops, as well as physical devices. Built-in dashboards provide deep visibility into desktop health and performance, while scripts allow you to create actions and automate delivery across desktops.
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“At the core of the Tehama platform is a unique architecture that creates secure perimeters around virtual desktops. Unlike legacy VDI or DaaS solutions, and VPN, Tehama provides additional levels of controls and capabilities required to quickly onboard, manage, scale, secure, and audit a global workforce or third-party IT service vendor.”