Tehama is SOC 2 Type II Certified

What is SOC 2
Type II?

Data protection is a huge concern for all organizations today. Mishandled data—especially by application and network security providers—can leave enterprises vulnerable to multiple threats.

The Systems and Organization Controls (SOC) outlines standards for how technology and IT service providers should manage their customers’ data. Tehama is SOC 2 Type II certified by Deloitte. Tehama strictly adheres to compliance regulations, ensuring that every aspect of data within the Tehama Room and platform is secure and compliant.

SOC 2 is both a technical audit and also requires the creation of and adherence to comprehensive information security policies and procedures. It uses 5 Trust Principles set out by the AICPA.

What SOC 2 means for enterprise customers 
using Tehama

The financial industry, including banks, investment companies, mortgage providers, and most businesses today that deal with sensitive data must adhere to strict rules and regulations when using third-party service providers, and will only work with providers that are SOC 2 compliant. Tehama is a fully SOC 2 compliant solution. Third-parties, remote, and contract workers can be on-boarded quickly and securely using the Tehama platform. Tehama also eliminates the need for shipping laptops which poses another security risk and can be costly.
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What SOC 2 means for service providers
using Tehama

Having a SOC 2 report available for potential customers opens you up to many more possibilities and the ability to earn millions – even billions of dollars in new revenue for businesses with strict security and compliance needs. If you’re a Service Provider using Secure Tehama Rooms, then you’ve got SOC 2 bragging rights, and this puts you in a more favorable light than competitors without this level of compliance and immediately establishes a higher level of trust and confidence. Learn More

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