Secured Innovation Sandbox

Large organizations are challenged to keep up with new technology.

Large organizations are challenged to keep up with new technology. The rapid introduction of new technology creates evaluation stresses and timeline pressures. Meanwhile the business requires their organizations to rapidly adopt new capabilities to respond to market and customer demands. 

Long evaluation and vendor or tool selection processes, systems access, security reviews, and desktop policies prevent businesses from introducing new and innovative technologies for evaluation or for accelerated work. This leads to long evaluation cycles, and slow decisions or sometimes no decision at all. In some cases, this also leads to employee dissatisfaction as they can’t use the tools they need to be productive.

Create Agile and Secure Innovation Sandboxes with Tehama

With Tehama, organizations can quickly establish secured innovation sandboxes that are insulated from their network and from the employees’ desktop devices. Within minutes they can create a Tehama Room and grant access to just the data or systems required to evaluate the emerging and innovative technologies. Technology vendors can then enter the virtual and secured rooms to collaborate with the organizations on the evaluation process. By providing the secured and isolated Tehama Room the host organization doesn’t need to put the technology vendor’s staff or tools through a lengthy onboarding or security review process.  They can quickly review and experiment with the capabilities and decide whether or not the technology will provide value.

Tehama Rooms also provide a secure work environment for employees who want to use tools that are not yet approved by the organization’s desktop policies. Many data scientists and developers use tools that accelerate their productivity. Desktop policies in large organizations impose long evaluation processed on new tools before they are granted permission on the corporations desktop policy. Data Scientists and Developers can install their favourite tools and applications in secured and encrypted Tehama Rooms. They can access the tools from their corporate desktop by opening a Tehama session through their browser and enhance their productivity.