Secured innovation sandboxes & virtual rooms using DaaS

Create agile and secure innovation sandboxes using Tehama's unique DaaS platform

Large organizations are challenged to keep up with new technology. The rapid introduction of new technology creates evaluation stresses and timeline pressures. Meanwhile the business requires their organizations to rapidly adopt new capabilities to respond to market and customer demands.

Long evaluation and vendor or tool selection processes, systems access, security reviews, and desktop policies prevent businesses from introducing new and innovative technologies to the business. This leads to long evaluation cycles, and slow decisions or sometimes no decision at all. In some cases, this also leads to employee dissatisfaction as they can’t use the tools they need to be productive.

With Tehama, organizations can quickly establish secured innovation sandboxes (called Tehama Rooms) that are insulated from their network and from the employees’ desktop devices. Within minutes you can create a Tehama Room and grant access to just the data or systems required to evaluate the emerging and innovative technologies. Technology vendors can then enter the virtual and secured rooms to collaborate with the organizations on the evaluation process.

"Tehama allowed us to move 10 times as fast. It’s what needed to happen to allow us to accept work that we previously couldn't have accepted. And we would not have been able to retain the clients that we had (when Covid-19 hit).” - Steve Scott, Senior Director of IT Operations at Harte Hanks

Improve innovation and productivity with secure innovation sandboxes

Save time on lengthy onboarding processes

By providing a secured and isolated Tehama Room ,the host organization doesn’t need to put the technology vendor’s staff or tools through a lengthy onboarding or security review process.  They can quickly review and experiment with the capabilities and decide whether or not the technology will provide value.

Accelerate productivity through innovation

Many data scientists and developers use tools that accelerate their productivity, but have not yet undergone the long evaluation process to be approved by the organization’s desktop policies. Tehama provide a secure work environment for employees who want to use these tools and applications within encrypted Tehama rooms. 

Monitor work delivered with forensic auditing

The speed, agility and convenience of the Tehama platform allows team members to connect to a secure virtual desktop and start running applications using their own device in just a few minutes. 


The platform implements a Zero-Trust access model for all employees and third-party vendors, protecting sensitive assets with segmented network access, dynamic firewall rules, multi-factor authentication and secrets vault.

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