Instantly enable your global team to work from home securely

The global workforce is growing and the dynamics are ever changing.

Organizations need to enable their global teams to work from anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat, including work from home. In today’s fast paced business environment and ever-changing global risks, organizations need to find solutions that can quickly respond to geo-political changes like adverse weather disasters and pandemics. These risks will require organizations to quickly ramp up and enable teams to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Only Tehama enables your global workforce to work from home within minutes with complete security and flexibility.

The global workforce is also changing. By 2021, enough people will be working remotely that businesses will be able to support 40% more employees with the same amount of office space they have today. By 2027, freelancers will make up most of the workforce. The freelance workforce benefits businesses by giving them access to a global talent pool. This access is especially important because of the current talent shortage in North America, where the unemployment rate for specialized IT professionals is nearly 0%.

Though remote employees and contractors are crucially important, recruiting and onboarding them isn’t simple. Workers need access to corporate data and applications. But businesses have to keep their data and applications secure and free from malware and viruses, lest they risk breaching regulations like 23 NYCRR 500, GDPR, SOC, ISO, HIPAA, CCPA and FIPS.

Tehama makes it easy to onboard remote workers by offering:

  • Fast creation and provisioning of secure virtual desktops that adhere to corporate access and security policies. It takes less than an hour to get remote teams connected and productive.
  • Maximum security for your data, intellectual property and trade secrets while protecting your critical infrastructure from potential malware introduced into your network via compromised end-user devices.
  • Consistent and high-performing virtual desktop experiences from any endpoint devices, such as Windows, MacOS, Linux or Google Chromebooks. Users need only a reliable internet connection in order to launch their secured and compliant Tehama desktops from anywhere in the world.
  • A secure alternative to shipping laptops and other devices. This provides significant cost savings and reduces the risk of stolen devices and data.
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Regulatory Compliance
Benefit from Tehama’s
SOC 2 Type II compliant platform which comes with 107 SOC controls already built-in. 

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Deep Forensic Auditing
Deep forensic auditing and compliance for secure access and monitoring of a global workforce 24 x 7.
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Virtual Workspaces On-Demand
Launch “ready-to-work” complete and productive work environments — in minutes, not months.
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Secure Connectivity
Eliminate credential theft and lateral network movement associated with VPN access.

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No More Shipping Laptops
Reduce costs and delays by avoiding IT infrastructure procurement and deployment.