Protect Credentials and Passwords

Control remote privileged access while protecting credentials and passwords.

Organizations of all sizes frequently require employees, vendor technicians and contractors to perform work that requires remote privileged access, such as administration of operating systems, databases or applications. But remote privileged access introduces risks when credentials are stored non-securely and passwords are repeated, rarely changed or shared. Hackers exploit these vulnerabilities—and can compromise your network and corporate assets. 

The task of managing a myriad of passwords to ensure users have administrative access only when they need it, can create a security nightmare with today’s tools. With Tehama’s holistic platform, you can eliminate the possibility of password leakage, and avoid security breaches, data leaks, and injection of malware.

When security breaches have the potential to bring down whole companies, the stakes are too high to trust freely. Tehama mitigates these risks and provides a holistic approach to identity and security.



A stolen or compromised identity is at the heart of many of the major data breaches you read about in the news. Simplify password life-cycle management using secrets vaults, multi-factor authentication and strict access controls. Privileged accounts can be easily restricted and monitored with no need for password sharing.

Session recordings and detailed logging allow you to view who is doing what within the environment, while also supporting regulations your business must comply with (like 23 NYCRR 500, GDPR, SOC 2 Type II, ISO, HIPAA, CCPA and OSFI).


The platform implements a Zero-Trust access model for all employees and third-party contractors, protecting sensitive assets with segmented network access and dynamic firewall rules.


Tehama enforces POLP by protecting data assets in secure Tehama Rooms that deliver data only through pixels and audio, granting global workers access only to the systems they need to perform their work. 

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