Protect Credentials and Passwords

Organizations of all sizes frequently require vendor technicians, contractors and other non-staff members to perform work that requires remote privileged access, such as administration of operating systems, databases or applications. But remote privileged access introduces risks, including credentials that are not stored securely and passwords that are repeated, rarely changed or shared. Hackers exploit these vulnerabilities—and can compromise your network and corporate assets. There’s also increasing regulatory pressure to monitor and control access to privileged accounts, which in turn creates management overhead.

How do you control the required remote privileged access while protecting credentials and passwords and monitoring everything?

Tehama: A Business Solution to Technical Problems

With today’s products and tools, a security nightmare with many holes and gaps emerges when being faced with the task of managing the myriad of passwords to ensure that only those who need administrative access have access only when needed. And no other access. At no other times.

Tehama mitigates your risks and provides a holistic approach to identity and security. Secure remote access begins with multi-factor authentication. Password life-cycle management is greatly simplified using secrets vaults and strict access controls: only users with the correct role and access credentials may access corporate IT Secrets and end systems. Privileged accounts can be easily restricted and monitored with no need for password sharing.

With Tehama, never provide untrusted third-parties with administrative credentials. Completely remove the possibility of password leakage, and avoid security breaches, data leaks, and injection of malware through a holistic platform.

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Regulatory Compliance
Benefit from Tehama’s
SOC 2 Type II compliant platform which comes with 107 SOC controls already built-in. 

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Deep Forensic Auditing
Deep forensic auditing and compliance for secure access and monitoring of a global workforce 24 x 7.
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Virtual Workspaces On-Demand
Launch “ready-to-work” complete and productive work environments — in minutes, not months.
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Secure Connectivity
Eliminate credential theft and lateral network movement associated with VPN access.

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No More Shipping Laptops
Reduce costs and delays by avoiding IT infrastructure procurement and deployment.