Virtual Desktop For Mergers & Acquisitions

When a merger or an acquisition (M&A) is announced the close period to transfer of business is short with aggressive timelines and requires massive and diligent project planning

One key project is onboarding the new employees (acquirees) into the parent (acquiror) company’s systems. Existing laptops from the acquiree seldom meet the parent company’s standards and instead of remediating them they decide to allocate new laptops complete with the acquiring company’s desktop images that include productivity tools and applications, malware detection and intrusion software, endpoint device management, and specific version and license control tools. This process is expensive with the price of each new laptop, IT resource time to set up and configure each laptop, costs of distributing new laptops, training time, risks of laptop theft, and lost capital costs in the original laptops with the aquiree.

Tehama helps you onboard new employees quickly, securely, and with neither the cost nor time needed for deploying new images on new laptops

Using Tehama’s SaaS-based secured virtual workspaces the parent organization can set up a custom desktop image complete with all the productivity tools, applications, virus and intrusion detection software in compliance with the parent organization’s desktop policy and guidance. The virtual desktops can be configured and provisioned for each user in minutes. Once the desktop is provisioned, the new employee (acquiree) simply logs into Tehama, launches their new virtual workspace and immediately lands into their new desktop with all the tools and applications they need to connect to and work within the parent company’s organization.

Tehama’s virtual workspaces saves time in configuration and onboarding and lets corporations extend the lifetime of the acquiree’s laptop adding additional savings through cost avoidance.
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Regulatory Compliance
Benefit from Tehama’s
SOC 2 Type II compliant platform which comes with 107 SOC controls already built-in.

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Deep Forensic Auditing
Deep forensic auditing and compliance for secure access and monitoring of a global workforce 24 x 7.
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Virtual Workspaces On-Demand
Launch “ready-to-work” complete and productive work environments — in minutes, not months.
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Secure Connectivity
Eliminate credential theft and lateral network movement associated with VPN access.

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No More Shipping Laptops
Reduce costs and delays by avoiding IT infrastructure procurement and deployment.