Managed-Services Provider gets even more value from Tehama during the global pandemic


As a managed-services provider (MSP), this company has significant responsibility for the data security of its Fortune 500 clients. The potential vulnerability is heightened by the MSP’s reliance on a large global network of independent contractors. Plus, with the onset of the global pandemic, the MSP took on the added risk and difficulty of running its business securely from its employees’ homes.

The Solution 

Choosing Tehama allowed this MSP to cut the lead time for onboarding external contractors by 80 percent. This simplified process gave the contractors role-based access to resources based on defined network segmentation, credential, firewall and file policies.

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In addition, the customized cloud-based desktops were provided with no need for costly professional services, network retooling, endpoint integration or project management support. Tehama runs securely in any web browser and on any device and, since data and intellectual property never leave the client’s Tehama Rooms, there is no threat to the enterprise in the case of a lost or stolen endpoint. Tehama’s SOC 2 Type II compliance allowed this MSP to meet the highest standards of the major corporations in its client base. And, with 107 built-in SOC 2 controls, Tehama was also able to deliver full compliance with OSFI FIPS, NERC, HIPAA, NYCRR 500 and more. Unlike suppliers of virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs), Tehama gives its clients real-time visibility and a complete audit trail of all activities on the platform. Tehama enabled this MSP to respond instantly to the disruption of Covid-19. As its employees moved to working from home, the MSP created a secondary Tehama environment that allowed the business to continue seamlessly and securely. Results In the midst of a global pandemic, Tehama has enabled this MSP and its employees to carry on securely with minimal complexity and maximum cost-efficiency. Since Tehama poses none of the risks of virtual private networks (VPNs) or other remote-work tools, it is a solution that can be trusted long after the pandemic ends. Next Steps Tehama expects the engagement to grow in 2020 as the client scales to meet demand for future projects.
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