Secure & Compliant Cloud VDI for Law Enforcement

Tehama also allows law enforcement to execute dark web investigations without provenance back to the police agencies.

Law enforcement agencies have always demanded the highest level of security for communication and collaboration. That’s especially true now, as cybercriminals increasingly target police departments and emergency services. Any lost data can have serious operational and privacy implications.

Securing private records and confidential assets requires a strong chain of custody, one that’s backed by strict and auditable compliance controls. At the same time, though, robust security can’t be allowed to slow down an investigation. Information still has to be freely shared among joint task force partners across multiple departments, agencies and municipalities.

All of this makes the Tehama solution ideal for law enforcement. Tehama provides a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform with secure, collaborative workspaces that connect internal and external teams without the risk of intrusion or data theft. Tehama also allows law enforcement to execute dark web investigations without provenance back to the police agencies.

Tehama’s on-demand SaaS platform makes it possible for law enforcement agencies to:

  • Collaborate securely with other agencies or departments

Investigations are conducted in a secure, isolated, cloud-based environment with a zero-trust approach to data access and management, thus eliminating the risk of compromise to the chain of custody or other cases.

  • Start investigations and other projects faster

Collaborative workspaces can be built quickly and scaled up or down as needed, with fast, easy and secure onboarding of key stakeholders, internal teams, external agencies and remote workers or collaborators.

  • Investigate the dark web with confidence

Via Tehama’s secure virtual Room, investigators can search the dark web with no traceability back to their agency’s IP address or domain. And all evidence is collected in perfectly witnessed session recordings.

  • Meet the compliance requirements of governing bodies

Tehama is fully compliant with GDPR and SOC 2 Type II. It also provides access policy controls to ensure that all work being done on the platform conforms to the requirements of each specific project.

  • Secure high-risk environments

The Tehama platform can be used with mobile digital communications, including computers and other devices installed in police vehicles.

Download the data sheet on Law Enforcement

Regulatory Compliance
Benefit from Tehama’s
SOC 2 Type II compliant platform which comes with 105 SOC controls already built-in. 
Deep Forensic Auditing
Deep forensic auditing and compliance for secure access and monitoring of a global workforce 24 x 7.
Virtual Workspaces On-Demand
Launch “ready-to-work” complete and productive work environments — in minutes, not months.

Secure Connectivity
Eliminate credential theft and lateral network movement associated with VPN access.

No More Shipping Laptops
Reduce costs and delays by avoiding IT infrastructure procurement and deployment.