Increase Distributed Development Agility

Today’s enterprises need to increase their usage of global talent


Today’s enterprises need to increase their usage of global talent—but must balance that goal with the security challenges of providing third-party and/or remote development teams access to secured corporate assets.

VPNs aren’t the answer to the distributed development challenge. A Faraday Cage can be constructed to secure remote development teams, but that’s expensive and an incredible burden to agility.

Creating secured and isolated work environments takes too much time and costs too much to acquire and integrate everything needed for secure end-user compute, whether the team is across the globe or across the aisle.

Tehama Makes It Fast and Secure

With the Tehama platform, creating end-user compute enclaves in the cloud takes only a few clicks on a web form and gives your team access to a complete development environment—one that’s isolated, protected and connected to the secured enterprise infrastructure.

Teams have immediate access to all the necessary infrastructure to deliver IT services and development: firewalls, end-user workstations, shared file storage, routers, session recording, and shared secrets vaults—all deployed with the speed and agility of SaaS.

For All Workforces: Third Parties, Employees and Partner Engagement

The fast creation of an isolated, fully-functional development environment isn’t just for your third-party IT workforce across the globe. You can also deploy partitioned development environments for local development teams that need segregated access to specialized networks. Or provide shared but limited corporate access for partners, arms-length negotiations,  and M&A activities.