Hybrid or Remote Teams

How do you enable and secure a remote workplace with no borders?

With more and more employers turning to global talent pools to meet their labor needs, the Internet is fast becoming the workplace of the future. Organizations in most industries are now deploying some kind of remote workforce. But while remote work has become increasingly common, it’s harder to find organizations with a truly secure, compliant, and fast-to-deploy remote work solution. That’s because the typical ways to facilitate remote work –Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and legacy Desktop as a Service (DaaS) – are typically saddled with a slew of hidden costs, complexities, and require additional tools for security. 

Tehama is the Enterprise DaaS solution that solves all these issues. It’s a next-generation DaaS solution without the cost and complexity of traditional
DaaS or VDI, with built-in security and compliance controls – along with the flexibility to facilitate secure worker or vendor onboarding in about an hour – that makes spinning up (and sustaining) a remote, global workforce way less stressful and time-consuming.

At the core of the Tehama platform is a unique architecture that creates secure perimeters around virtual desktops. Unlike legacy VDI or DaaS solutions, and VPN, Tehama provides additional levels of controls and capabilities required to quickly onboard, manage, scale, secure, and audit a global workforce or third-party IT service vendor.

Only Tehama enables your global workforce to work from home within minutes with complete security and flexibility

Eliminate the need for multiple solutions with a single platform

By consolidating all the necessary tools and technologies to securely enable remote work into one SaaS-based platform, Tehama reduces unnecessary
costs, complexity and integrations. With Tehama, teams can avoid the headache of additional third-party solutions for endpoint security, identity and access management, session visilibity and compliance.

Reduce downtime and improve the remote worker experience

Tehama’s efficient onboarding means improved user experiences, thanks to a reduction in downtime. Remote workers also get consistent and high-performing virtual desktop experiences from any endpoint device, such as Windows, MacOS, Linux or Google Chromebooks

reduce total cost of ownership

Tehama’s SaaS model reduces the hard and soft costs associated with hardware, maintenance, upgrades, additional tooling, and the headcount needed to manage overly complex IT infrastructure. The flexibility of our elastic consumption model means your desktop needs can scale up or down without requiring a monthly minimum commitment.

Keep IP and Data safe with strong Identity Control

Other cloud-based VDI and DaaS solutions lack the control and infrastructure required for enterprise-level remote work enablement. With Multi-factor authentication, zero trust network segmentation and a Secrets Vault for privileged credentials, all IP and data within the Tehama rooms and desktops are protected.

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