Enterprise Desktop as a Service for government

A modern and secure remote work solution for the public sector

Government department and agencies around the globe require significant levels of security for communications, collaboration and remote work. Notwithstanding the pandemic, citizens are expecting enhanced service levels, yet the increased number of employees now working from home makes this very challenging. 

The logistics alone of configuring, shipping and managing thousands of devices is hard to imagine. The complexity of adding many more VPN connections is not practical. While legacy VDI and DaaS providers can help solve some of these challenges, these solutions alone do not provide sufficient data protection or ensure regulatory compliance.  This is where Tehama comes in.

Tehama’s next-generation DaaS platform enables faster onboarding, scaling, managing, and auditing of a global workforce. With Tehama, government departments can quickly connect remote workers to corporate systems that are surrounded by a secure perimeter, extending zero-trust access to employees and third-party service providers anywhere, on any device. Tehama reduces the risks of malware intrusion, data breaches, and intellectual property theft from corporate networks.

Even though most employers are planning a partial return to the office soon, only 1 in 5 workers say they want to return to the workplace full time. (PWC, 2020)

How Canada's public sector can benefit from Tehama

Mitigate risks for remote workers and contractors

With Tehama, government organizations can onboard remote workers anywhere in the world in under an hour, with multi-level security, activity monitoring, and a complete audit trail for every virtual desktop. You can launch complete “ready-to-work” virtual work environments in minutes, not months. These contained and collaborative workspaces operate as a virtual extension of your secured business infrastructure in the cloud. 

Eliminate outdated and costly VPN technology

VPN technology is outdated, expensive and hard to manage. Worse of all, it poses significant threats to your corporate network. Once a user’s computer is connected by VPN to the corporate network, any malware that may be on the user’s system has a direct path for propagation. Tehama resolves these issues and all work is done within its secure virtual workspaces, where data flows in one direction, and no malware can enter into the corporate infrastructure.

Tighten supply chain security with your third-party service providers

Government organizations rely on contract workers and third-party service providers for a number of functions including IT services, technical support call centers, communications and more. But onboarding third parties is a timely and costly process that involves significant risks. Tehama’s highly secure virtual workspaces are SOC 2 Type II compliant with the ability to audit all work delivered, containing all IP and work assets in secured collaborative environments, eliminating the risk of data theft.

Key features

  • Secure, cloud-based, collaborative workspaces
  • Zero-trust access controls
  • Privileged access management
  • Dynamic firewall rules
  • Policy controls and audits
  • Audit logs and session recordings

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