Eliminate the risk of VPNs

VPN technology is outdated, costly and hard to manage​

Worse yet, VPN technology poses significant threats to your corporate network. Remote programmatic attacks on open network firewall ports are common, hard to patch—and it’s even harder to propagate the fix across equipment updates.

Also, once a user’s computer is connected by VPN to the corporate network, any malware that may be on the user’s system has a direct path for propagation. However, you still need to provide third parties and remote employees with access to internal corporate networks. But how?

A Different Approach – Secure Outbound Tunneling

Tehama resolves these issues by reversing the networking discussion. Our platform closes the firewall ports at the corporate network edge and initiates the network connectivity directly from within the secured corporate boundaries outward. This creates a secured site-to-site or point-to-point encrypted connection directly to the remote infrastructure.

The connection from the corporate network to the remote infrastructure is initiated and managed by the Tehama Gateway, a software appliance installed in the corporate network on the same subnet as the assets to which third parties and remote employees need access. This connection allows traffic to flow only to and from the corporate network in a closed, directly-connected manner.

The connection is encrypted with a 256-bit stream cipher and has no possibility of third-party attacks because the connection is made outbound from the corporate network and is secured with a packet-level network firewall. There are no firewall ports open to inbound external access because the firewall is contained in the Tehama Room. The compute infrastructure has no default  access to the external internet, no direct access to remote users’ computers, and therefore no possibility of propagating malware to the corporate network.

This approach removes the possibility of external network threats while eliminating the configuration and maintenance complexities of VPN hardware  appliances—plus the costs.

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Regulatory Compliance Benefit from Tehama’s SOC 2 Type II compliant platform which comes with 107 SOC controls already built-in.
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Deep Forensic Auditing
Deep forensic auditing and compliance for secure access and monitoring of a global workforce 24 x 7.
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Virtual Workspaces On-Demand
Launch “ready-to-work” complete and productive work environments — in minutes, not months.
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Secure Connectivity
Eliminate credential theft and lateral network movement associated with VPN access.

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No More Shipping Laptops Reduce costs and delays by avoiding IT infrastructure procurement and deployment.

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