Headshot of Jeremy Cochrane

Jeremy Cochrane

Jeremy has been growing, building and scaling technology go-to-market teams for over 10-years. At Tehama, Jeremy leads the global sales strategy and team. He has worked with teams of all sizes, across different functions, serving sectors from the SMB all the way to the Fortune 500. Prior to joining Tehama, Jeremy worked at Shopify, leading their sales teams from a pre-revenue stage to 100-Million+ in ARR.

His client centric approach enables customers to be successful, leading to long lasting business relationship. He is heavily focused on delivering creative solutions, designed to solve the business challenges and needs of his customers.
Jeremy holds a College Diploma in Business Sales from Loyalist College. He regularly consults on topics such as: recruiting, building and leading modern sales teams. In his free time, Jeremy is an avid runner and triathlete, he also enjoys spending summer weekends on the Ottawa River with his family.