Keep data trusts secure & compliant

Ensure data integrity for data trusts with Tehama's unique DaaS platform

A Data Trust is a framework for collecting, coalescing, enriching, and sharing data. A Data Trust is normally established by an intermediary with fiduciary responsibilities to its data depositors and subject to strong disclosure or governance obligations that provide privacy controls and data sharing agreements to the consumers. Data Trusts provide access to big data and allow aggregation on a suitably anonymized basis. By combining and enriching information into a Data Trust with the right duty of care, a better understanding of the data can be developed. 

Data Trusts can further accelerate the creation of innovative products and services by providing access to curated data assets while maintaining integrity and oversight into how the data is being used and by whom.

The deep security and compliance of Tehama’s secure rooms and virtual desktops creates confidence between the Data Trust and their data depositors, as Tehama can manage the strong disclosure and governance obligations and privacy controls.

Organizations such as financial institutions, smart city collectives, government departments, utilities, telecommunications firms, health care entities, and social media applications all collect and use sensitive data. Custodians of the data must manage data governance, data access, and understand how the data is being used internally or by third-parties.

Tehama's secure virtual rooms and desktops keep data trust safe and compliant

Keep full control over data

Using Tehama as the entry point for consumers, the Data Trust owners have full dominion over the data. Within Tehama the Data Trust controls the use of the information, what can be viewed or exported, when it can be viewed or exported, and by whom.

Continuously track and audit

With Tehama’s continuous auditing the Data Trust owners can also ensure compliance with perfectly witnessed logs and recordings to know what data has been viewed, who viewed the data, what they did with the data, and when the data was viewed.

Ensure Compliance With Built-In Policy Controls

Policies enforce users to meet certain entry requirements before gaining access to a desktop or room, helping organizations meet specific regulatory requirements like SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, OSFI, FIPS, 23 NYCRR 500,  and HIPAA.


The platform implements a Zero-Trust access model for all consumers, protecting sensitive assets using tools such as segregated network access, endpoint isolation, multi-factor authentication and least privilege permissions.

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