Dark Web Investigations with Tehama

Stay one step ahead with a single, secure platform for dark web research

The dark web is the 21st century’s newest high crime neighbourhood, and that means law enforcement needs to be there too. 

But conducting dark web research isn’t easy: not only must investigators meticulously track and audit all their online activities, but everything must be done anonymously – or you risk blowing the whole case. Dark web investigations require a strong chain of custody backed by strict and auditable compliance controls.

Investigators need tools enabling secure dark web search and session recordings for bulletproof documentation, combined with compliant information sharing with other entities and easy stakeholder onboarding.

Tehama enables investigators to stay one step ahead with a single, secure platform for dark web research.

The platform provides all the components for secure cloud-based collaboration, including dedicated encrypted network channels, firewalls, storage and end-user compute infrastructure — so you can stay one step ahead of the bad guys without the needless complexity of integrating and managing your own virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) or standalone access/security management tools.


Tehama Secure Virtual Room Diagram with Dark web investigator and suspect

Tehama’s on-demand SaaS platform allows investigators researching the dark web to:

Record sessions and effortlessly collect evidence

Tehama perfectly witnesses your white room sessions so you always have an airtight, auditable record of all steps you have taken during your investigation.

Start investigations and other projects faster

Collaborative workspaces can be built quickly and scaled up/down as needed, with fast, secure and compliant onboarding of key stakeholders, internal teams, external agencies and global contractors.

Comb the dark web anonymously

Investigators can search the nooks and crannies of the dark web via Tehama’s secure virtual room with no traceability back to their agency’s country of origin, IP address or web domain, even when dealing with the most seasoned cyber criminals.

Meet the compliance requirements of governing bodies

Tehama is SOC 2 Type II compliant. It also provides access policy controls to ensure dark web investigative work on the platform conforms to the requirements of each specific project.

Four Steps To Better Dark Web Investigations


Connect to your secure Tehama Room

Tehama Rooms can be created in the cloud in just a few minutes, are ultra secure, and give complete control and visibility into everything that happens within them.


Safely invite and add other stakeholders 

Easily add team members or partners to fully-provisioned, virtual desktops with the confidence of zero-trust network isolation and least privilege permissions.


Get on the dark web and investigate (securely)

Scour the dark web with the assurance that every click, keystroke and tap that goes on in your room is recorded and available for use in evidence or court disclosure packages. All pages are preserved using Hunchly so you always have a copy of every hidden service and web page you accessed.


Get out just as fast – and with no one the wiser 

Your virtual white rooms don’t just keep you secure. They also keep you anonymous, so you can investigate illegal activities on the dark web without being traced or outed.

Tehama can also be coupled with Hunchly, a tool for secure dark web investigations and the gold standard in online evidence preservation.

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