Take your call center virtual with a modern and secure DaaS solution

Optimize costs, onboard virtual staff quickly, and ensure business continuity with Tehama

Call and contact centers live in real time, and have zero margin for error when it comes to business disruptions. Previously agreed-upon service and compliance standards must always be met – even while call centers confront a new era of expanded remote work, broken equipment supply chains, and physically distanced workplaces.

Brick-and-mortar call centers also require significant CapEx, along with ongoing commercial real estate and utilities costs. They aren’t super flexible when it comes to scaling up or down to meet significant peaks and
valleys in demand. And they can quickly become an expensive liability if all staff are forced to work from home due to a public emergency.

Tehama provides all the components for a secure cloud-based call center, including dedicated encrypted network channels, storage and end-user compute infrastructure, and the ability to access and run applications such as softphones, database connectors, and screen capture/call recording software — without the complexity of integrating and managing your own virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) or standalone access/security management tools.

What call and contact centers can do with Tehama

Deploy secure and compliant environments

Tehama is designed for security and compliance thanks to built-in firewalls, automated encryption, network isolation, secure perimeters, multi-factor authentication, and least privilege permissions, along with FIPS, GDPR and SOC 2 Type II controls and perfectly witnessed logs of virtual room activity for auditing purposes. This way call center staff are prevented from leaking sensitive customer data.

Access global talent, regardless of location

Tehama provides secure and compliant access to multilingual, multicultural talent anywhere with a browser and an internet connection. High availability across multiple regions eliminates service availability and redundancy issues. Call center staff can now be hired anywhere in the world.


The speed, agility and convenience of the Tehama platform allows call center agents, team leaders, and managers in multiple regions to connect to a secure virtual desktop and start running call center applications using their own device in just a few minutes, whether it’s six months or six years old.

Optimize real estate and other costs

Call centers can scale up or down quickly to match demand with no CapEx or professional services investments required, while eliminating or dramatically reducing the need for expensive tracts of commercial office space and related expenses.

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