Ensuring Business Continuity For a Global Workforce With DaaS

Can your business enable employees to work from home in an instant, without compromising IT security?

For some businesses, asking staff to work from home at the drop of a hat is relatively easy. But for others – especially those with a global workforce, sensitive corporate systems and traditional on-premise desktop deployments – it can be the stuff of nightmares. With today’s ever-changing global risks, organizations need to find solutions for business continuity that can quickly respond to geo-political changes like adverse weather disasters and pandemics.

Tehama’s secure and compliant Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution is tailor-made for companies with a global workforce, both during an emergency and the routine course of business: onboarding new workers can be done fast without compromising productivity, and your capacity for new desktop workstations can easily scale up or down as needed. 

"Tehama allowed us to move 10 times as fast. It’s what needed to happen to allow us to accept work that we previously couldn't have accepted. And we would not have been able to retain the clients that we had (when Covid-19 hit)." – Steve Scott, Senior Director of IT Operations, Harte Hanks

When disaster strikes and your physical workplace is unavailable, Tehama can help

When it comes to permitting remote work in an emergency, Virtual Private Networks and traditional DaaS options have been the prudent choice for a few years now – before that, the most companies could do was ask people to work on unsecured personal devices and residential WiFi networks. Unfortunately, traditional DaaS systems tend to assume everything inside an organization’s network is trustworthy (a position which, in an age of ever-more-sophisticated attacks and insider threats, is foolhardy).  Tehama is a unique DaaS solution because it puts security first. 

Quickly Create a backup virtual workplace

When disaster strikes, create a backup virtual workplace on-demand with minimal disruption to employee productivity. When physical access is no longer available, work can still continue because you can access your corporate systems remotely, with the same security posture of your company’s brick-and-mortar office.

Keep IP and Data Safe with Secure perimeters

Strict access requirements for system or application access, including Multi-factor Authentication and least privilege permissions, act like key fob or badge systems at your office door to ensure employee access only. Anything else is akin to handing out office keys to a complete stranger.

Easily Connect anywhere, from any device

Tehama Rooms and Desktops operate as a virtual extension of your secured business infrastructure, giving employees the ability to bring their own device and connect anywhere, anytime.  

Ensure compliance with Detailed Logging & Auditing

24/7 logging and auditing ensures that only your employees have access to what they need and you maintain granular control over the remote work environment.

Extending trust to remote workers using cloud workspaces and secure perimeters

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